The brand that won me back to natural skincare

You may remember me not long ago lamenting the effectiveness of natural skincare. At the time I was feeling pretty down and out about natural skincare. Despite diligently trialing numerous brands and products, I didn’t really find any to be anything special. That was, until I came across this brand: Zk’in (pronounced “skin”).

Here’s a little about the brand, directly from their website:

zk’in certified organic skincare looks after, repairs and beautifies your skin with zero tolerance to anything less than the best. There are no parabens, no sulphates, no petrochemicals and no unnatural ingredients in any zk’in certified organic skincare product, achieving naturally beautiful clinically proven results, free from worry about toxins or synthetic ingredients.

Every zk’in product is dermatologically tested and approved non-irritant by a dermatologist so you can trust zk’in to naturally care for your skin without irritation keeping you honestly beautiful regardless of your type of skin.

After reading a few reviews about how wonderful their Line Smoothing Serum is, I bought into the hype and gave it a go myself. I’m pretty insecure about the fine lines I have developing around my eyes and long toyed with the idea of botox (yea I know, hypocrite). I’ve tried a few natural eye creams in the past but they were all pretty ordinary in the wrinkle department so needless to say, I was skeptical with this product too.

Here’s a little about what was being said about it:

  • “Natural alternative to wrinkle minimising injectables”
  • “An amazing 75% of volunteers saw results the very next day after their first application.”
  • “Like botox”
  • “Immediate results”

ZKIN organics skincareMy verdict: 

OMFG it actually works!!! And it works just like it promises! I’m kicking myself for not taking before and after pictures as I can definitely see a noticeable difference after using this stuff.

It absorbs really quickly (it’s like a gel) and gets to work immediately. I swear you can see wrinkles minimising in from of your eyes.

Another plus is, unlike many high potency eye creams/skincare products, this one didn’t sting my skin (initially or over long periods of time). This is pretty darn good

What makes it so good?

“zk’in Certified Organic Line Smoothing Serum contains Gatuline® Expression, an extract of the Paracress plant of Madagascar, a clinically tested active to smooth the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.” I’m just as confused as you as to what that actually means, but what I can gather is:

a) There’s actual science gone into creating this product, extracting the active components of a plant (not just a lame list of ‘soothing essential oils’). Sometimes you see an ingredients list and think, gee I could make this in my kitchen. And you wouldn’t be wrong. A lot of brands don’t refine ingredients to extract only the active component, meaning your product is largely just inactive fillers.

b) It’s clinically tested. Not many natural skincare brands can actually boast this. Most brands rely on the naturalness of their ingredients to get you to buy them, or their somewhat therapeutic benefits. Very few brands go through the rigors of clinical testing (beyond testing for sensitivity etc). zk’in has even published their results so you can see for yourself.    .

Another bonus, if I haven’t gushed enough, is zk’in is an Aussie made & owned brand created by the very clever, Grace Culhaci. As this week we did celebrate International Women’s Day, it seems only fair to back one of our own who’s gone out and created a super successful business.

Buy now:

At $59.95 for a 25ml tube, it’s still a whole lot cheaper than botox, and a whole lot safer too. My 25ml tube has lasted me for ages too, as you really only need a teeny tiny amount.  Mum, if you’re reading this, give this stuff a go.

Heaps of places are now stocking this amazing brand; here’s a few:

I’ve gone on to buy a zk’in moisturiser after falling in love with their serum, and only have positive things to say. What more can I say? zk’in, you’ve brought me back to the faith!

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