Why I took the Acne post down

You may have noticed one of my posts is missing: Banishing acne in 5 steps.
When I write a post up I apply a certain criteria: can I stand by everything I’ve said? Yes, it can go up; no, it doesn’t go up. At the time I posted that article the answer was yes.

If no, it won’t go up. Integrity in everything I post is very important to me. If I don’t believe what I write it will show. Also if I act out of integrity I will loose interest in blogging and this whole exercise will be a waste of my, and your, time.

So why’s that post gone?

I’ve had a breakout over this past two weeks and I’m not entirely sure why. I have a couple of theories:

1. My gut could be irritated. I suspect I’ve been eating gluten over my time away. Thanks to a language barrier, I’ve had to google some of the foods on offer to find out what’s in them. There was one super tasty savoury donut-type thing I was chowing down on as Wikipedia assured me it was made of rice & potato flour… Waitstaff nodded enthusiastically when showed the Sinhalese word for “wheat flour”. My belly and psoriasis flare-up also indicated to me that they were telling the truth. Strike 1!

2. Lack of quality sleep, sluggish immune system (thanks to gluten and the sleep issue).

3. Lack of fresh, raw foods. When eating in countries without a safe water supply you’re best off eating cooked foods, in order to cook off any bacteria that may be present. Raw foods present an issue if they’ve been washed. Two weeks with no salad is a massive change for me.

4. Lack of probiotics. Ordinarily my body would be flooded with good bacteria from kombucha, coconut yoghurt and sauerkraut. I did take some travel-friendly probiotics with me but I feel they may not have been enough. Especially as I ran out about half way through my trip.

5. Food bugs. About a week in I ate something I shouldn’t have and felt a little sick. Rather than be inconvenienced by the experience, I took Imodium. That worked well but I then got blocked up for about 3 days. Probably not the healthiest for my body! My liver and colon are likely to be overworked and under loved right now.

6. Not cleaning my face properly. I use oil cleansing to clean. This involves rubbing olive oil on my face to lift makeup and dirt then wiping off with a warm, damp face towel. Ordinarily this works brilliantly. However many of the hotels we stayed in had no face towels so I used paper towel. I could feel this wasn’t working as well but had few alternatives. I suspect not all the dirt and grime got removed and may have blocked my pores.

7. I’ve started the year with a liver cleanse program. Like most detoxes, things often get worse before they get better. There is a possibility this is what’s happening now – my liver is purging all impurities and my skin is bearing the brunt.

It could be all of this possibilities, it could be something entirely different. Either way I’ve had a breakout when I’ve declared that I could “banish” acne. In order for me to provide the best possible information to you I must be completely honest.

I do believe the steps I described in the original post are effective, but unless I can be an example of that I can’t pretend everything’s fine to you. I will continue to follow the steps in my original post, but will consider alternatives as well.

That post has been removed for the foreseeable future. When I’m confident I can get my skin back under control it may go up, but probably with revisions.

I will continue to only post articles I believe in and use in my own life. I hope you can rely on me to be accountable and honest. I will continue to hold myself to that standard, even if it means admitting when I’m wrong.

Sneak peak of my Sri Lankan tour – chillaxing in ancient Buddhist student monasteries.

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