The Wellness Warrior

jessainscoughYesterday I learned that one of my biggest wellness inspirations, Jess Ainscough, passed away. Many of you may be familiar with her blog, The Wellness Warrior, or book “Make Peace with Your Plate”. 

When the news of her passing hit, I felt like I had lost a friend. Whilst we had never met and she didn’t know me, I felt I knew her so well. Her style has always been open, honest and loving.

When I started my path to healing psoriasis naturally the internet became a trusty companion. But even more so, every time I begun to research a new idea or treatment, time and time again I would find myself back on Jess’ blog. It was everything I was looking for.

Jess is unlike many other spiritual or wellness teachers. She didn’t speak in a cheesy, ‘spiritual’ voice or advocate the non-achievable. She was authentic, honest and completely raw.

Jess epitomized everything she taught. She was kind, compassionate, generous and strong. She leaves behind a great legacy.

When someone passes away you naturally want to remember them and preserve the things you loved most about them. One way to do this is to imitate the things you loved most about them in your own life. For example, if it’s their sense of humour: every time you make someone laugh or someone makes you love, you are honouring their memory and remembering the special unique qualities of your loved one.

For me, Jess was compassionate, loving and a game-changer for healthy living. As I live my life I am able to honour her by instilling these same values in my own life. As I be compassionate and loving to others, and advocate health lifestyles I can honour her memory.

Jess has left a massive footprint on this earth. I’m privileged to say she inspired me and gently guided me onto this path.

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