Tried & Tested: Zuii Organic Lipsticks

Oooooh I love trying on new makeup! I used to spend hours in departments stores and pharmacies trying on and experimenting with all the latest products and colours. Alas, those days are behind me as those places rarely stock anything I want to put on my skin. But then I got this awesome little sample bag of Zuii Organic Lipsticks in all sorts of nudes and pinks. Dutifully I’ve tested them all out for you. Zuii Flora Lipstick’s are rich and creamy Certified Organic lipsticks, soothing and nourishing, rich in colour, the variety of colour shades for all occasions (we’ll just look at […]

Create your Perfect Pout with Organic Lipstick

Ready to make the switch to organic, natural makeup? Lipstick is a great place to start as you can easily find a comparable product – here are my reviews and colour guides to help you get started.  I’ve been experimenting with lip colour a bit of late. I’ve always been a little daunted by lipstick. I mean, I love eye makeup and am more than happy to experiment with heavy eye shadows, coloured eyeliners and different techniques. However when it comes to adding a splash of colour to my lips, well, it freaks me out. It’s all well and good […]

Zuii Lipsticks