Mexican food

Cheats Chicken Fajitas

Fajita generally refers to any grilled meat usually served as a taco or tortilla. So before all you Tex-Mex aficionados start hating on me, no I haven’t grilled the chicken and no, it isn’t being served with tortillas either. But what else do you call delicious meat, marinaded to perfection, served with capsicums and onion? Fajita will have to do for now! Or course if you have a BBQ or grill handy, please do use it. It will be far tastier. But if you’re like me and don’t have access to one, the smoky paprika in the marinade will be […]

beef black bean chilli

Beef & Black Bean Chilli Recipe

My partner loves Mexican food so at least once a week I need to make a Mexican-inspired dish (this is on top of his weekly visits to the local Mexican restaurant). If it were up to him, we would be eating tacos every night! I’m happy to oblige because aside from the corn, Mexican food is pretty close to being paleo and also can be super healthy. This Beef & Black Bean Chilli recipe is super versatile, you can eat it as is, or serve it with tacos or on a baked sweet potato. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m an […]