My wild ride into Sri Lanka

Well, what a trip!


I love going to new countries that are completely foreign to your own and immersing yourself in everything the place has to offer. I still feel I’ve only seen a tiny speck of what Sri Lanka has to offer but unfortunately I only had two weeks to explore.

For this post I want to stray away from my usual health and lifestyle posts so I can sell Sri Lanka and everything I loved.

We booked a driver through a tour company to take us through the southern and central regions of the country (the North is still considered unsafe on smart traveller). Normally we would go it alone, but this time we were all too busy before the trip to map out a plan so we figured it would be easiest to hand it over to the experts. We did need to spend time convincing our driver though that we wanted to see “real” SL, rather than the standard tourist fare. But when we did the benefits paid off.

Some of the highlights of our trip:

Learning to surf in Hakkadawa


Seeing elephants on safari in Yala National Park


Eating curry and rice (as much as possible, sometimes three times a day!)


Viewing the majesty of an ancient kingdom with the Sigariya Rock Fortress

sri lanka travel review

Ancient frescoes still remain halfway up the rock

Ancient frescoes still remain halfway up the rock

Ancient palace up on top of the top of the rock, complete with a pool with a view

Ancient palace up on top of the top of the rock, complete with a pool with a view

Climbing through tea plantations, up Adams Peak in Ella, to enjoy the view


Watching traditional fishermen near Galle


Learning about the ancient practice of Ayurveda


Bath and other remains from an Ayuvedic Hospital, built sometime in the BC era

Spending time learning about Sri Lankan food, complete with a demonstration in a traditional kitchen setting

Cooking class

Cooking class

Drinking king coconuts and watching the sun set from our hotel rooms



But my most favourite activity was getting to spend quality time with two of my sisters and partner


Until next time, Sri Lanka!

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