My Spring Essentials

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to bust out the fake tan and razors again! These are some of my favourite products, just perfect for the Spring lifestyle:

Spring Essentials

1. A Great Fake Tan

Eco Tan Invisible TanEco Tan Invisible Tan

I’ve reviewed this one before, and I’m still loving it. It’s super easy to apply and hard to stuff up. It’ll only leave behind a gorgeous bronze tan with no nasty chemicals or orange colour in sight. The colour in the tan is derived from cacao (chocolate) so it does not contain green or orange tones. I love that it’s also nourishing on your skin too, so it doubles as a moisturizer and moisturized skin means a longer lasting tan too!

Buy now from Beautiful Because for $34.95





2. Healthy skin

La Mav Hyaluronan Daily Moisture Crème

A good facial moisturiser is important all year round. What I love about this one though is that it’s super hydrating but not thick or heavy. A lot of natural moisturisers rely on oils and can feel thick or sticky – so not good and even worse in summer. This one feels almost water-based and is absorbed super quickly. My makeup never slides off after using this baby and my skin feels aaaamazing.

Buy now from Flora & Fauna for $44.95

3. A radiant complexion

100% Pure BB Cream

I recently reviewed this product and think it’s perfect for Spring. It’s got a gorgeous luminous finish so it makes your complexion glow. It’s a little more sheer than some other BB Creams so it never looks heavy – more like naturally radiant skin. In addition, it’s also got great SPF protection, so it’s got you covered as you embrace the warm sun’s rays.

Buy now from Nourished Life for $49.95

4. A little colour on your face

Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder in My BlushEre Perez Pure Rice Powder in My Blush

Perk up a tired, dull complexion with this stunning compact from Ere Perez. The Pure Rice Powder in My Blush adds a subtle hint of colour to your face, instantly brightening your skin. I love it because it’s a mix of blush and bronzer in colour, so you only need the one product to instantly transform your skin. Sometimes a straight out bronzer will be too dark on your transitioning winter skin, so this colour is so perfect.

Buy now from Nourished Life for $37.95






5. Fresh feeling

Schmidt’s Vegan Roll On Deodorant – Bergamot & Lime

As the weather warms up you need a good, effective deodorant and this one is just perfect. It’s non-greasy, non-sticky and does the job really well. With its bright citrus scent, Bergamot + Lime is perfect for warmer days.

Buy now from Flora & Fauna for $17.95

6. Great hair

Yarok Feed Your Style Dry Shampoo / Hair Refresher

Dry shampoo is a girls best friend.

With the warmer days you might be finding your hair getting sweatier than usual, or maybe you’re just busier/lazier and wanting to stretch out your wash days? Whatever your reason, this product is perfect. Unlike the spray stuff you get from the chemist, this one won’t gas you out with a tonne of nasty chemicals every time you use it!

Buy now from Beautiful Because for $9.95

7. A pop of colour

Hurraw! Black Cherry Tinted BalmHurraw! Black Cherry Tinted Balm

I feel like lipsticks and matte colour is more suited to winter, whereas the warmer months call for something a little lighter & more natural looking. This balm is the best. It gives a soft colour, a bit of shine and long lasting moister. I have it in my handbag at all times as it’s great for day & night wear or whenever you need a little colour. Best art about it – it’s so cheap! Oh and did I mention, it also tastes great too.

Buy now from Flora & Fauna for $5.75





100% Pure 10-Free Nail Polish - Tigger Melon100% Pure 10-Free Nail Polish – Tigger Melon

Spring is all about flowers blooming and colour coming back into your wardrobe. Tigger Melon is a bright pink/coral colour that will look fabulous on any skin tone. Add a dash of this colour and it will instantly brighten your mood or outfit.

Buy now from Nourished Life for $19.95


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