Shaving with coconut oil

Coconut oil gets touted as the cure-all for absolutely everything, even as a shaving cream replacement. So how does it stack up for removal of unwanted hair? I wanted to get to the bottom of why I need a shaving cream at all, and if I do, would coconut oil do the trick?


Unless you love the thrill of having your hair ripped out with hot wax, you probably know your way around a razor pretty well. My relationship with shaving is one of the longest relationships in my life, and just like all long relationships, has been met by many highs and lows.

Shaving is something I tend to avoid anyway so I don’t give much thought to it. In winter I hide my hairy legs under pants and even in summer my boyfriend is lucky if my legs get maintained once a week. I do have fine blonde hair so I can get away with a little stubble pretty easily (or so I choose to believe!).

Why don’t I like shaving? I do love the results and that silky smooth feeling, but I hate how my legs become a day or two later. Despite my rigorous moisterising regime I end up with super dry, scaly legs. Yuck. Does anyone else suffer this affliction?

In my earlier years I would slather my legs with some richly scented shaving cream to help the process. As I got older (and lazier) I would largely skip this step or just lather my legs with body wash. I’ve never really understood to purpose or seen the benefits of shaving cream so it’s never really made its way into my shaving regime.

Why use a shaving ‘cream’*?

I did some research, and these are the reasons why:

  • Lubricate your skin so your razor will easily glide over your skin
  • By lubricating your skin, you should get a closer shave (i.e. you can shave less often)
  • Reduce the liklihood of nicks & cuts
  • Prevent irritation or shaver burn

* I use the word ‘cream’ fairly loosely here. It includes shaving soaps, foams, creams or any product to help you shave better.

Shaving with Coconut Oil

Once you’re in the shower and your legs are moistened from the warm water . . .

  • Just apply a generous amount of coconut oil onto the first leg you want to shave. Solid or liquid, it wont make a difference as it will melt as soon as you begin to apply.shaving with coconut oil
  • Make sure your leg is lubricated enough for your razor to glide smoothly over it.
  • Shave as you normally would.
  • Rinse and do the same thing on your other leg.

You will notice how soft and smooth your legs are!

But best of all . . . you won’t have to rush out of the shower to grab that lotion . . . because your legs will not be dry, itchy, and irritated from any harsh chemicals.

It can gunk up your blade a little, but that’s no biggy. Just rinse regularly, as you normally would, or give your razor a bit of a tap to help dislodge any hairs.

I’ve tested this method on a variety of areas over my body (ahem) and found it works brilliantly everywhere.

The final word…

I was pretty skeptical prior to trying this. Coconut oil can be pretty over-hyped. But now that I have…. It is hands down my favourite way to shave. It leaves you with silky smooth, soft skin, and best of all, you don’t even need to moisterise afterwards. Score!

Have you tried coconut oil to help you shave? Or do you have something else you would like to recommend? Share your thoughts below. 

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