Tried & Tested: Vapour Mesmerize Eye Liner

I’ve got another makeup review for you guys! I’ve recently been a convert to brown mascara so felt it was only fitting to pair I with a brown eyeliner. I’ve had an old ‘dirty’ eyeliner for a few years and been too cheap to get around to replacing it. I finally bit the bullet and bought Vapour Mesmerize Eye Liner in the colour, truffle.

Available in three colors (black, plum, and truffle), The Mesmerize Eyeliner pencil makes a smooth line and is easily blended with either a finger or the blending tool conveniently located on the end of the pencil. It’s pretty affordable too at $AUD29.95 from Nourished Life or $US20 from Amazon (it’s an American brand).

For a softer definition than traditional black, this Mesmerize Eye Liner in Truffle is perfect. It effortlessly glides across your eyelids without tugging at the skin for a smooth application. It even comes complete with a sponge for blending.Vapour Mesmerize Eye Liner

What I love:

With none of the harsh chemicals and dangerous toxins that are found in so many eye products, this liner is neither drying nor ageing. Instead, soothing ingredients such as Chamomile provide moisturisation and nourishment to the delicate area so that your eyes feel soft and refreshed.

The colour is lovely, and works really well as a softer alternative to black. Black can often look really heavy, especially on those with fair skin. Brown’s are fast becoming my go-to for day makeup.

Thanks to the blending sponge you can work this dark brown shade into your eye shadow for better contouring and definition.

What’s not so good:

The colour isn’t consistent – it applies a little spotty. Some areas are darker than others. This is really difficult to explain, but it’s like the colour isn’t strong enough. I find I don’t end up with a clean looking line.

It’s terrible for longevity. Give it up to 3 hours before it’s completely gone. I’ve tried to fix this by applying eyeshadow first, to stop the oil lifting the liner, but found the eyeliner didn’t perform as well on a shadow base. Then I tried applying eyeshadow over it to ‘set’ the liner; still no better result.


Adequate for now, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

I have used a couple of other Vapour products though and loved them, so don’t be turned off by one average product!


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