Tried & Tested: Grants Aloe Vera Crystal Deodorant

I’ve been receiving seasonal beauty boxes from Flora & Fauna thanks to my very thoughtful future sister-in-law which has significantly helped my efforts in reviewing products. And also had the added bonus of getting Mr T off my back about my cosmetics spending. My summer box included a stick of Grants Aloe Vera Crystal Deodorant and I was keen to put it to the test.

Grants Aloe Vera Crystal Deodorant is a pure crystalline substance, composed of natural minerals, which helps control body odour in a simple and natural way by stopping growth of odour causing bacteria on the skin.Grants Aloe Vera Crystal Deodorant review

The low down on crystal deodorants

Crystal deodorants are a stone, made from a compound called alum; the most common form being potassium alum, also known as potassium aluminum sulfate.

Potassium alum or ammonium alum are natural mineral salts made up of molecules that are too large to be absorbed by your skin. They form a protective layer on your skin that inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria. Mineral salts are a natural element that your body is accustomed to processing and rarely causes any type of allergic reaction.

Crystal deodorants need water to apply the mineral to the skin and there are a few ways you can do this. You could apply the crystal straight after showering when you are still wet. You could also put a couple of drops of water on the crystal and apply to the skin. This leaves a thin mineral layer on the skin which helps neutralise odour. Just don’t forget to dry it off before putting it away. This will ensure the stones longevity.

Many years ago (before switching to natural skincare) I did try a crystal deodorant but hated it. It wasn’t long before I made the switch back to the skanky Rexona. Why did I hate it? Natural deodorants are just that – they’re deodorants. They are not antiperspirants. I didn’t get this at the time and I thought the feeling of sweaty armpits (and the impending fear of wet marks on my shirt) was simply disgusting. Plus I was super paranoid about the deodorant action failing, because there was zero scent to help mask any BO. Moral of the story is, if you’re new to natural deodorants I wouldn’t recommend starting with a crystal. Transition out with a nice, scented bicarb soda based product – these are some of my favourites. They’re a little better at absorbing moisture and the essential oil-based scents tend to linger all day.

Review of Grants Natural Crystal Deodorant

What I Love

Contains no aluminium chlorohydrate, unscented and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Aloe Vera extract provides its gentle soothing and healing properties.

This bad boy actually works! I know, I was as surprised as you. I really did not expect that! I was so skeptical so kept checking my pits all day long, yet to my surprise I remained fresh all day. This was one of the most effective natural deodorants I’ve tried.

At $4.95/$8.85 for a 40g/100g stick, cost per use is incredibly low. These sticks seriously last forever.

What’s Not so Good

Ok, so this ‘not so good’ is actually a common complaint of many natural & bicarb free deodorants. At first it works brilliantly… then at about 3 weeks of wear it starts to fail and you’re left with unpleasant stink pits.

I have no scientific explanation for this, but I’m theorizing that perhaps your underarm bacteria ‘gets used to’ the product and develops a sort of resistance. This is a problem, yes, at about 3 weeks on but it’s also really easily fixed. Switch between 2 deodorants. It’s that simple. For example, use a crystal stick for 3 weeks then swap to another type of deodorant for the next 3; then switch back to your crystal for 3 and so on. Your two deodorants will last twice as long, so it doesn’t cost you more, and you will achieve consistent stink protection.

Consider alternating with LaVanila or Dr Organic, as both of these are also afflicted by the same 3 week curse (but both are also brilliant otherwise).

Another issue I’ve got (but not necessarily a problem), is that unlike many other deodorants it’s hard to tell how much or where you’ve applied. Because it’s unscented and there’s no visible residue left on your skin it’s a little hard to know if you’ve got it everywhere or enough. This is great if you’re wearing a black top, but I found myself applying super liberally to be on the safe side. Whether this is a problem or not really depends on personal preference though.

The other thing I don’t love is that it’s unscented. Now this is 100% a subjective opinion. Many people will find this to be a major plus! I just love a little fragrance down there to help when I do my sniff tests (all in the name of research!). It’s probably just a placebo thing for me, but I like it.


My issues with this deodorant are based on personal preferences, so I can’t really fault it based on effectiveness or longevity.

Would buy again to alternate with another natural deodorant.

If you’re sensitive to bicarb or fragrance you can’t go past this deodorant.

Hard to score this one. If used as suggested, 4/5.

Buy from Flora & Fauna from $4.95 (40g) or a full sized stick (100g) for $8.95. Got an issue with Aloe Vera? You can also get the classic Grant’s Crystal Deodorant for the same price.

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