Tried & Tested: Ere Perez Volumising Waterproof Mascara

My allergies have been flaring up at the moment and seems to affect me really badly each morning. If you’ve ever tried applying mascara mid sneezes, while also trying to combat watery eyes, you’ll appreciate a good waterproof mascara. Lucky for me, I had recently purchased the Ere Perez Volumising Waterproof Mascara.

Introducing the only natural waterproof mascara on the market! A one-of a kind product formulated with organic avocado and mamey oils, that nourish and fortify lashes.

About Ere Perez Volumising Waterproof Mascara

Volumising, full black coverage and amazing 24-hour wear. Essential for the beach, yoga, the gym, exercise, social occasions and a busy lifestyle. This mascara will last from early morning to when your head hits the pillow. Best to remove before sleep with a gentle natural oil, such as almond or jojoba. For guaranteed waterproof confidence and a real wow effect!

What I especially love about natural mascara’s (other than their whole non-toxicness) is they’re generally all very nourishing. Because they’re based off beeswax or hydrating oils, they care for your lashes while they enhance them. When you take your mascara off, your lashes are left in even better condition than before. So really, it’s a treatment and makeup in one! Score!

What I love:

Remember when Maybelliene brought out “Full and Soft” mascara, which completely revolutionised  the mascara market. Suddenly there was a massive push to all other mascara manufacturers to follow suite and begin to formulate soft-wax mascaras. Well this is the waterproof market’s equivalent.

Unlike every other waterproof mascaras I’ve used over the years, this one gives you soft lashes as opposed to hard, crusty spider leg lashes. Your lashes not only look lovely, they feel soft and natural as well.

You can vary the lash effect, depending on how much you apply. Obviously, one coat will give you boring lashes. Keep layering for full, thick, fluffiness. It performs very similarly to other Ere Perez mascara’s I’ve used.

ere perez mascara review

I took these photos at 6am, so please give me a break about my tired looking eyes!

From a little further afar: Im also wearing

From a little further afar: I’m also wearing both Ere Perez‘s Pure Rice Powder Blush, in “My Blush”, and the Natural Almond Oil Eyebrow Pencil


It stays on well. Despite the rest of my face looking red and miserable, my eyes stayed perfectly intact. Unfortunately it’s moving into winter here so I can’t give this product a proper run for it’s money at the beach; but from other reviews I’ve read, it holds up well to swimming & waves.

Stays well when you want it to, but comes off easily with a bit of natural eye make up remover or oil. I have been oil cleansing lately,  so wearing this mascara is exactly the same to remove as the regular, non-waterproof stuff.

What’s not so good:

This isn’t limited to this mascara, but more a common theme across the whole Ere Perez mascara range. While they’ve managed to come up with great formulations, their wands are very average. They’re just your standard, very basic brush with nothing revolutionary or beneficial. I like that they’re taped at the end so you can easily get up close without making a mess, but other than that they’re standard. I mean,  you could pull any budget mascara off the shelf with this kind of brush. (Actually, that’s not entirely true – Maybelliene seriously kills on the awesome brush thing. Pity their formulations are super toxic and tend to flake off during the day.)

It’s not a bad brush, just very basic. See for yourself:

Ere Perez Volumising Waterproof Mascara


As this is the only natural, waterproof mascara (currently) on the market there isn’t another one to compare it to. That being said, it is a seriously good product and worth buying. It sets a very high benchmark for the others.

Despite their average brushes, thanks to a good formula you still get a good result. I love a full, lush lash look and can still achieve this. It just requires a few more coats.

If you like Ere Perez‘s other mascaras, you’ll love this one too.

Buy now:

Directly from Ere Perez for $29.95

Learn more about other Ere Perez mascara’s I’ve tried here.

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3 thoughts on “Tried & Tested: Ere Perez Volumising Waterproof Mascara

  • Rowena Muller

    I recently purchased the Ere Perez waterproof mascara and it’s incredibly dry. I have. only used one other non-toxic mascara, Physicians Formula Organic Wear, which was pretty much the same consistency as most mascaras without the toxins, I don’t feel I am a fair judge of what the consistency should be. I wonder if you have found the Ere Perez waterproof mascara a very dry formula?

    • abishead Post author

      Not at all! If anything I thought it was wet & very glossy. I wonder if it was a fresh bottle? Sometimes retailers have things sitting around on their shelves for a while or out in the sun which may have affected it. Natural ones do get drier faster than I remember my old toxic ones getting – I find they do need to be replaced every 3 months or so, but that’s after daily use. Maybe try contacting Ere Perez and ask them about it? I’ve only used 2 of their mascaras but dryness was never an issue so it sounds odd to me.