Tried & Tested: 100% Pure BB Cream

My skin has finally settled down following that onslaught of hormones so I can properly trial BB Creams again. I feel like they get a bit of a rough task when you road test them on acne. No product is ever going to do well when up against acne! Fearing my La Mav BB cream was almost empty, in true Abi style, I bought a replacement lest I be caught out with nothing – the newest product from the 100% Pure range, BB Cream.

Nope, still haven’t finished the other one – now I’ve just got two BB creams on rotation. Ok, I have a third one as well.

100% Pure, it is a line with completely natural and organic skincare and makeup products. If you haven’t already noticed, I generally love anything by 100% Pure. Their ingredients, quality and brilliant formulations tend to always perform well for me.

100% Pure BB Cream Review

About 100% Pure BB Cream

Formulated using thousands of light-reflective pigments combined with powerful superfruit oils and extracts, including Jojoba Seed Oil and Pomegranate Extract, this creamy all-in-one product is designed to leave the skin with an incandescent glow. It protects the skin from UVA and UVB radiation with its non-irritating combination of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide, and is non-comedogenic.

Note: Due to Australian sunscreen and ACCC laws this product has been independently tested locally to Australian UVA/UVB standards, while the package claims an SPF 15, the clinical results show protection up to SPF 25+. Bonus!

How to Use

I use about a pea sized amount, dabbed over my face then blend it in with my foundation brush. Generally this will provide light to medium coverage. Any spots will get an extra dab of my favourite concealer for good measure. Some reviews I’ve read said it’s a little thick, making it hard to apply, but I’ve never found that to be a problem. But then again, applying with a brush is always cleaner & easier.

I’ve been using Shade 10 Luminous. This shade  was created for fair to light skin tones, and is perfect for those using 100% Pure makeup products in Alpine Rose, Cream and White Peach. There are three shades to chose from though:

  • 10 Luminous – a light, cool pink undertone
  • 20 Aglow – a light to medium, warm golden undertone
  • 30 Radiance – a medium, warm caramel undertone


Leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and glowing! Because of the light reflecting particles, I don’t need any extra illuminator – comparatively, with the fuller-coverage La Mav BB Cream I would add a little illuminator on to bring back ‘the glow’.

The colour adapts well to my own skin tone. Maybe because of it’s lighter coverage, but it never leaves the tell-tale foundation line between the jaw and neck. It’s actually a really brilliant product especially if you’re nervous about buying online. It doesn’t have an orange tint to it but adds just enough colour to prevent my face from looking “washed out.”

The lighter coverage means your natural beauty is allowed to shine through – actually, it’s enhanced, rather than hidden. So, depending on your skin, this can be a good or a bad thing. On my pale, freckly skin it does nothing to hide the freckles. Instead, I find it gives uniformity to my skin tone, makes it look healthier and glowy so it turns my freckles into a (soft) feature.


Bare skin, ready for makeup, at 6am. Love how I always manage to look stunned in these shots - NOT!

Bare skin at 6am, ready for makeup. Love how I always manage to look stunned in these shots – NOT!


100 Pure BB Cream Review100 pure bb cream review

Key points:

  • Freckles are softened; imperfections minimised
  • Skin is illuminated
  • Colour blends seamlessly with neck – it’s the blush that’s the main colour difference here
  • Other makeup on show – Ere Perez “My Blush” Powder Blush & W3ll People Mascara

Truth be told, I was a little disappointed the first few days using this BB Cream. I just wasn’t comfortable with the light coverage. After spending the last 10 years hiding my freckles, I really didn’t like them on display. Gradually though I actually found myself warming to them a little with the magic of this product. They seem to look prettier. Maybe it’s because it makes my skin tone looks healthier and more luminous in general?

Tip: If you would prefer a fuller coverage, try La Mav’s BB cream.

100% Pure BB Cream stays put all day. I was a little surprised by this, because of it’s slightly dewy appearance I thought it would be oily and slide off. But nope, it’s highly effective and long lasting even without a dusting of powder!

This BB cream is a mositurising and makeup hybrid that is your primer, SPF provider, soothing treatment, concealer and foundation all in one. It never gets dry or cakey, but not in an oily way, so it looks great all day.

Buy Now

At $49.95 for a 30ml tube, I don’t feel like this is the best value BB Cream on the market if you’re looking for quantity. But if you’re looking for a quality product, this is perfect.

100 % Pure is made in U.S.A and distributed in Australia by Nourished Life.

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