Paleo Chicken Schnitzel

Just because you’ve gone grain free doesn’t mean you have to give up life’s deliciousness. Making a few modifications to your favourite meals will ensure you can continue to enjoy all the flavours you love. For this paleo-take on a schnitzel, I’ve used almond meal to give the breadcrumb coating. I used chicken, but you could swap the meat for veal if you prefer.


For this recipe, you can either bake or shallow fry. Frying will give the crumb more crunch, but I hate getting oil splats everywhere and extra work (i.e. I’m lazy) so I prefer to bake.

Chicken Schnitzel

Serves 4


2 organic chicken breast fillets ( sliced in half widthways )
1 tablespoon arrowroot
1 organic / free range egg beaten
1 cup almond meal
1 lemon, zested
2 tablespoons thyme chopped
1 tablespoon coconut oil (If frying)

Simple ingredients, but an oh so tasty result

Simple ingredients, but an oh so tasty result


  1. In a bowl, combine almonds, the zest of 1 lemon and thyme.
  2. Lightly coat the chicken breast in the arrowroot then dip into the egg mix followed by the almond mix.  You should have 4 lovely pieces of lean chicken, coated in a lovely almond crumb.

Oven bake instructions:

  1. Before commencing, preheat the oven to 180C
  2. Bake in oven for about 15 minutes. Serve alongside your choice of salad or veggies with a squeeze of lemon and enjoy.

Ready for baking

Stove-top instructions :

  1. Cook over a low to medium heat in a pan using 1 tablespoon coconut oil until lightly golden and chicken is cooked through.  Serve alongside your choice of salad or veggies with a squeeze of lemon and enjoy.
I've served it here with a very colourful salad of sauerkraut, salad leaves, radishes, beetroot and mangoes

One day I will learn to take a photo that’s not half blurry. Today is not the day.

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