Create your Perfect Pout with Organic Lipstick

Ready to make the switch to organic, natural makeup? Lipstick is a great place to start as you can easily find a comparable product – here are my reviews and colour guides to help you get started. 

I’ve been experimenting with lip colour a bit of late. I’ve always been a little daunted by lipstick. I mean, I love eye makeup and am more than happy to experiment with heavy eye shadows, coloured eyeliners and different techniques. However when it comes to adding a splash of colour to my lips, well, it freaks me out.

It’s all well and good when I’m in front of the mirror, but seeing photos of myself with lipstick makes me look like a clown. It’s not just me either, Paris Hilton once said she doesn’t do lipstick either for the same reason. Ok, she didn’t say it, she wrote it. In her book. Yes, I read her book.

Also, it always seemed to make my face look “made up”. Because eye makeup is such a staple for me I’ve really grown accustomed to that look being standard for me. When I add lip colour though I move from normal makeup to dolled up. It’s probably just in my head, but it’s been quite a hurdle for me to get past.

But as I’ve grown and my face has matured, and even given up following makeup advice from Paris, I’ve decided to revisit the whole lipstick thing. 

It is an amazing makeup product.

You can take a fairly basic makeup look (I consider foundation, mascara and blush to be basic) and completely transform it.

Red Hot

Add a cherry red lip and instantly you’re transformed to a sophisticated, sex siren. Red is also a timeless classic so it works really well to add a touch of sophistication to most looks.

Anyone can pull of a red lip. It’s all about choosing the right shade for you (remember how we talked about undertones).

Notice how all the different celebrities are wearing different shades, depending on their colouring?

Emma Stone, Taylor Swift and Megan Fox are all cool skin tones, so they’re rocking blue-based reds. Whereas Rihanna is quite warm, so she can rock the reddest of reds.

So how do you achieve this red hot look? Try these:

  ILIA Lipstick in Crimson and CloverPink marries red in this bright, vibrant shade. It’s the perfect kick to liven any look. This red hue has long wear and will leave a beautiful stain in its place. It would be great with a cooler complexion too.

Buy it from ILIA Beauty for around $26

  Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in PomegranateA gorgeous, juicy red with neutral undertones. This would look smoking on just about anyone.

Buy it from for $36.95

 lavera-lipstick-red-berry-charm Lavera Natural ‘Beautiful Lips’ Lipstick in (05) Red Berry CharmWith a slightly purple undertone, this shade is a super sexy, rich red. The clever combination of natural ingredients will keep your lips healthy and conditioned leaving lips perfectly cared for.

Buy it from for $24.95

Pink Minx

Or a hot pink lip. This is equally as strong as red, but a lot more playful.

To achieve these looks, try:

  ILIA Beauty in Neon AngelA punchy magenta with a semi-matte finish. This is a bold, statement lip and not for the fainthearted.It’s too bright for me to wear (I’m still testing the water with stains), but I wish I could have the courage to wear this. It is a really fun, bright neon pink and sure to bring attention.

Buy it from ILIA Beauty for $26

  Lipstick can be a little overwelming at the start. So if you’re like me, and a little nervous, start with a glaze. They’re softer in colour and leave a glossy finish.100% Pure Vegan Lip Glaze in Daiquiri

Coloured using fruit pigments, this is a light, bright candy pink that will make your face sing! The glaze is super moisterising and leaves a shiny finish with no stickiness.

Buy it from for $29.95

   Lavera Natural ‘Beautiful Lips’ Lipstick in (15) Delightful RoseThe gorgeous and glamorous bright pink shade of this natural and organic lipstick will emphasise your lips adding colour and enhancing moisturistion.The natural and organic ingredients of organic Coconut Oil and Shea Butter provide full nourishment to your lips while adding colour with long lasting results.

Buy it from for $28.91

  Ere Perez Rich Olive Oil Lipstick in Surprise (hot pink matte)A frivolous hot pink matte lipstick, great for a daytime party or girls’ nights out. It’s moderately pigmented so can be applied to an intensity that suits you, i.e. a little for a stain or a lot for a full impact lip.

Naturally formulated for high colour, plus healthy olive oil that conditions and hydrates lips. No more dry lips or colour that sucks out moisture. This party-themed lipstick is wild at heart.

Buy it from for $29.90

Get Nude

Or, my favourite place to start, nude. A nude lip means you can either keep your makeup really clean looking, or you can amp up your eyes to full voltage.

If you did heavy eyes and heavy lips together, you may well end up looking like a cheap hooker. And no one want s to look like that, we’re all about expensive hookers here 😉

The celebrities I’ve chosen above have all used nude shade in a really simple way. By keeping their lips nude they’ve elected to let their eyes do the talking and show off their glowing complexions.

Kim Kardashian is a massive one for the nude lips. She has such naturally, full lips she doesn’t need to do much to highlight them. In fact, by leave them nude she moves the attention to her eyes, which are always impeccably made up.

Same with the very genetically-blessed, Rosie Huntington Whiteley. With such full lips, they speak for themselves, so instead she can allow her eyes to shine.

Ariana Grande has also made her eyes the focus by using nude lips. The cat eye look is perfectly complemented with a nude lip. If she had gone with a red shade there would have been far too much going on.

Here’s a few samples a to get you started:

  ILIA Beauty in Funnel of LovThis really is a beautiful nude with peachy undertones. I think this could be flattering to almost everyone.

Buy it from ILIA Beauty for $26

  Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in RetsinaA pale nude pink. It’s quite similar to MAC Creme d’Nude, but a little more on the cool, powdery pink side.Retsina is a great pink nude. It’s creamy and lasts for hours.

Buy it from for $36.95

  Zuii Organic Sheer Lips in AzaleaAnother great choice for the lipstick shy. This is the prettiest of baby pinks for a natural, feminine look.The Sheer Lip range are made with a blend of nurturing essential oils and extracts that delivers maximum colour performance while combining ultra-lightweight formulations to ensure a sheer rich flush of colour to your lips.

Buy it from for $31.50

  Lavera Natural ‘Beautiful Lips’ Lipstick in (13) Precious NudeA gorgeous shimmery toned lipstick which will add a long lasting subtle nude colour to your lips while hydrating and emphasising lips at the same time.The natural and organic ingredients of Organic Jojoba and Coconut Oils to enhance moisturisation of your lips creating kissable soft smooth lips.

Buy it from for $24.95

   Zuii Certified Organic Floral Lipstick in Pink FleshAn earthy pink colour perfect for during the day and works well with all skin tones.Long lasting, reinforced with Jojoba and Sunflower. Rich in Vitamins A and E to protect and moisturise the skin with the added benefits of Aloe Vera, rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and Calcium.

Buy it from for $29.95

If your nervous about launching straight into the bright, bold colours, start with a stain or a glaze. Either buy a specially formulated product like the 100% Pure Vegan Lip Glaze or rub a little of your favourite shade on your lips then blot the excess off gently with a tissue. Staining is a great way to sample a colour and it will last on your lips for hours.

I hope I’ve gotten your creative juices flowing and you’re now inspired to swap out some of your old, toxic lipsticks for one of these gorgeous natural products.

See, what did I tell you? They’re just as good, if not better, than their toxic cousins.

Are you feeling inspired to try something new? Share your favourites with me below, or tell me about product you want to try.

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