Natural-Looking Evening Makeup Tutorial


As much as I love Kim Kardashian’s heavily applied and contoured makeup, sometimes you’ve just got to tone it down a little – like when you’re heading out for dinner with your in-laws. I’m never going to advocate going sans-makeup (if I do, call the doctor as I’ve gone crazy), but I do support the occasional subtle evening makeup.

This look also works for work functions where you want a little more ompf without looking like you’re there to sleep with your boss.

All makeup I use is natural, organic (where possible) and definitely never tested on animals. I’ve included links to help you shop the look. Why? Check my earlier write-up on all the nasties in the traditional stuff.

And of course, all my reviews come backed up with my authenticity guarantee and honest desire to provide easy to follow, believable information and results.

Here’s what I did:

Starting with a freshly cleaned face:

And a little while later…

(Don’t judge me by my lack of hair-doing ability. Despite brushing it, it never EVER looks tidy. Hair just isn’t my thing!)

What I used:

Create the base

I love Ere Perez foundation, as you may already know. I used Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation in Light-Medium $39.90. 


Ere Perez foundation



Need help choosing a shade that’s right for you? See my guide here.

My acne has settled down a bit so a little concealer, of the same brand, does the trick. Ere Perez Amazing Arnica Concealer in Light $32.00 Ere Perez Amazing Arnica Concealer in Light
I used a little highlighter on my cheek bones, inner eye and just under my brow bone to keep my skin looking fresh and healthy. I used Ere Perez Highlighter in Versatile Vanilla $31.95.


Ere Perez Face Highlighter



Want some help applying illuminator? Check out my earlier post.

To keep liquid foundation in place, you must apply a powder over the top. I wanted a heavier coverage so used a powder foundation to increase coverage and help ‘set’ the liquid.

I used Eco Minerals loose mineral powder in Lightest Beige $33.00



Add a little colour

Bronzer was applied along the check bones, forehead and along the nose – wherever the sun might naturally kiss. For fairer skin, like mine, try bareMinerals bronzer in The Skinny Dip $35.00 bareMinerals bronzer
A smudge of cheek tint was rubbed onto the apples of my cheeks. I used Ere Perez Cheek & Lip Balm in Harmless $27.95. It’s got fair bit of pigment so a little goes a long way, plus it also doubles as a lip colour. Ere Perez Cheek & Lip Balm in Harmless


On the lips:

I’m not normally a lipstick person, but I am slowly weaning my way into them. I’m starting with staining, so just lightly apply a lip colour and blot into place. It lasts for hours and looks a little less intense than full colour.

I applied Zuii Organic Lipstick in Cashmere $29.95, which is a great natural-looking colour. Apparently it’s one of their best sellers and I can see why; it would look great on all skin tones.

Make those eyes pop!

Normally I’m all about the eyes and will go heavy on them and leave the lips nude. I’m mixing things up a little and using the shadow to create a softer line on the upper lid, instead of eyeliner, and a little dimension on the lid. I have hooded eyelids so I need to keep the colour closer to the outer edges. 

I’ve used 100% Pure Eye Shadow in Pewter $24.95, as the grey colour looks great with blue eyes and/or fairer skin. 100% Pure Eye Shadow in Pewter
For mascara, I’m sticking to a classic and my absolute favourite – 100% Pure Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Black Tea $29.95. This stuff really is the bomb. It’s great at lengthening, defining and volumising and lasts for ages. 100 percent pure black tea mascara


PS. It’s really hard to take a photo of yourself with eyes closed! 

What products do you love and recommend for evenings? I would love to hear your tips!

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