Mango & Coconut Chia Puddings 

Chia puddings are one of the easiest meals you can make. They’re perfect for breakfast as they contain a tonne of long lasting nutrition and energy, but can be eaten at any time of the day or night as a tasty snack. I’ve still got a tonne of mangoes in my freezer from summer so I’m using them to make Mango & Coconut Chia Puddings.

Recipes are simply formulas, proving an instructional guide but 100% changeable. Once you have a good one, you can modify and adapt based on your original formula to create new. So this recipe is simply a variation to my original chocolate chia pudding recipe. We leave out the cacao and replace it with delicious mango to create a mango and coconut tropical chia delight.

If you want to get creative try swapping the mango out for something else. Blend the mix up with strawberries for something completely different. Or swap the coconut milk out for something else – coconut cream will create a decently rich and thick result, almond milk will provide a delicate flavour and coconut water will create a much lighter tasting pudding. Because you’re using simple, tasty flavours you can’t go too far wrong flavour-wise. It will always be somewhat edible. Just keep an eye on thickness – too thick will be dry and too thin wont set. If you use a more watery liquid (like coconut water), use less of it or add more chia. Play around till you get your desired result. Start creating!


Mango & Coconut Chia Puddings

Serves around 4, depending on the size of your containers


  • 4T (50g) chia seeds
  • 1 can coconut milk
  • 1 – 2T (20g) honey or sweetener of your choice
  • 3 mangoes (fresh or frozen), chopped
  • You’ll also need 3-4 little containers, glasses or jars to make individual serves


1. Add everything except the mango* to a blender. Start with just 1T sweetener as coconut is naturally quite sweet. Mix till combined. Taste test for sweetness and add a little more in if you prefer.

2. Place a few layers of mango at the bottom of your containers. 

3. Pour over the chia mix and fill to about 1/2 full. Add another layer of mango, then fill with more chia mix. Add the rest of the mango on top. The mango will start to sink a little, but that’s fine. 

4. Refrigerate overnight before serving. Add a little chopped mango and walnuts before serving to create a decadent and nutritious breakfast. 

*Tip: If you’re not a massive fan of coconut or have no time for layering, simply:

– add all the ingredients, but half the quantity of coconut milk and omit the sweetner

-and blend them together. You ‘ll have a straight mango chia pudding instead. Too easy!




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