Tried & Tested: Zuii Organic Lipsticks

Oooooh I love trying on new makeup! I used to spend hours in departments stores and pharmacies trying on and experimenting with all the latest products and colours. Alas, those days are behind me as those places rarely stock anything I want to put on my skin.

But then I got this awesome little sample bag of Zuii Organic Lipsticks in all sorts of nudes and pinks. Dutifully I’ve tested them all out for you. Zuii Flora Lipstick’s are rich and creamy Certified Organic lipsticks, soothing and nourishing, rich in colour, the variety of colour shades for all occasions (we’ll just look at 9 of them today).

They’re long lasting, reinforced with Jojoba and Sunflower. Plus they’re rich in Vitamins A and E to protect and moisturise the skin with the added benefits of Aloe Vera, rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and Calcium. Lipsticks that not only look good but are good for you? Brilliant! Zuii-lipsticks-300x300

Today’s post is just a rundown on what I received and my verdict. Over the coming weeks though I’ll try to incorporate some of these gorgeous shades into my makeup regimes and get some action shots for you all. 

Heads up before I begin, the colours seem to apply darker than they look in the tube.


First up, let’s test out these nudes! Once upon a time that phrase may have gotten me some strange looks, but nowadays everyone’s on board with the hottest trend in lip colour.

Nudes are a fantastic staple to work with dark smokey eyes or when you want to keep your makeup looking  fresh and subdued. Nudes can easily be worn during the day, and taken straight into the night.

I’m trialling Clay, Brown Sugar and Nude (L to R)

Zuii Certified Organic Lipsticks in Clay, Brown Sugar and Nude (L to R)

Clay is more warm toned, with peach undertones. It’s probably most true nude of all the shades.

Zuii Certified Organic Floral Lipstick – Clay

Brown Sugar is cooler toned, pinky-nude with a hint of brown/purple undertones. Brown Sugar is a really popular shade as it’s so versatile and suits so many people.  It’s the perfect shade for a toned down lip. Would look great with a dark, smokey eye as it doesn’t compete with your eye makeup.

Zuii Certified Organic Floral Lipstick – Brown Sugar

 Nude has got hints of coral to it, so it’s fresh and slightly flirty. It’s a great colour for work/day time because it’s got enough colour to lift your face, but not so much you look like you’re wearing a tonne of makeup.I think it would worK better on someone with a little more colour to their complexion. On a pale face like mine it does tend to wash you out a bit.

Zuii Certified Organic Floral Lipstick – Nude

Wearing Zuii Organic Lipstick in Nude


The middle ground – Soft Pinks/Reds

Next up we are moving into the soft pinks. These colours are so versatile and feminine. They’re not overtly pink, maybe soft red is more apt? Either way, these shades are sophisticated, versatile and incredibly pretty.

Zuii Certified Organic Lipsticks in Mandarin, Pink Flesh, Sheer Peach (L to R)

Mandarin  has a touch more warmth to it than the nudes we saw previously.It’s more of a soft neutral coral colour. This would work really well with a variety of makeup looks.

Zuii Certified Organic Floral Lipstick - Mandarin

Zuii Certified Organic Floral Lipstick – Mandarin

Pink Flesh is a little sheer, with neutral to warm undertones. It picks up your own skin tone and works with them. This is a good choice if you don’t know what to choose.See my photo below.

Zuii Certified Organic Floral Lipstick – Pink Flesh

Sheer Peach is a touch more coral toned. Good for cool skin tones.I’m not entirely sure why they’ve called this shade ‘sheer’. Every time I’ve worn it it’s been quite opaque. Maybe it was just blotted on it would be sheer, but regular application not so much. Not that it’s a bad thing, just a slightly misleading name.

Zuii Certified Organic Floral Lipstick – Sheer Peach

Wearing Zuii Organic Lipstick in Pink Flesh



The true pinks. These aren’t barbie doll shades, these are her sophisticated adult cousins.  

Butterscotch is the brightest shade. It’s the most ‘hot pink’ of the shades and is quite the statement lip.

Zuii Certified Organic Floral Lipstick – Butterscotch

Sheer Rose has cool undertones. It’s a really fresh and flirty shade. It’s quite a strong pink, but can be applied to suit your preferences. It has been my favourite of late, you can see me wearing it as a lip stain here.I’m wearing in below too.

Zuii Certified Organic Floral Lipstick - Sheer Rose

Zuii Certified Organic Floral Lipstick – Sheer Rose

Cashmere is the deepest shade, with undertones of purple. It gets called a nude, but from my trial it looks more pink to me.Cashmere is a top seller apparently, and I can see why. It’s stunning.I’m wearing it below, in the last photo.

Zuii Certified Organic Floral Lipstick - Cashmere

Zuii Certified Organic Floral Lipstick – Cashmere

Wearing Zuii Organic Lipstick in Sheer Rose

Wearing Zuii Organic Lipstick in Cashmere


The Verdict

Zuii Lipsticks comes in 18 gorgeous shades and I’ve only shown you half. The other shades are more your red and bolder colours, and I’m just not quite that brave yet!

All in all they’re a great product. I would prefer if they were a little more moisterising, they can feel a little dry. But they do produce great colour and staying power. They are beautiful, long lasting lip colour that feel and look great on. I pop a little gloss on top when I want a shinier looking lip.

Where to buy

Each lipstick will set you back $29.95 which is pretty fantastic value.

Most organic beauty retailers will stock the Zuii Organics range.

* I removed lipstick in between takes with Wot Not makeup wipes. They’re brilliant and never make my skin sting.

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