The 5 Make-Up Brushes You Actually Need

Sure, getting your fingers working is quick and easy, but using brushes will help take your makeup application from amateur to professional. It’ll make application and blending so much easier and look way more flawless. But where do you start?

1. A foundation brush to really buff the product in and blend it together seamlessly.

Here’s a tip I learned from watching a Kylie Jenner tutorial: don’t use the brush like a paint brush, i.e. brush strokes, instead use it to dab/buff out the foundation. Regardless of what you think of her, the girl knows makeup. I tried this method and found my foundation blended way better, gave better coverage and didn’t get the awful tell-tale stroke lines on my skin.

How to: Squeeze your foundation onto the top of your hand. Dip the brush in, and then buff it into the skin using circular motions. Start from the center of your face and work toward your hairline. Use a dense bristled brush to get the best results.

Try EcoTools Flat Foundation Brush ($5.95)

2. A blush brush to contour.

Using this type of brush allows you to deposit the colour slowly and build up, so you get a natural result, not a blob of colour – or worse, a red face.

How to: Use it to sweep blush onto the apples of your cheeks, moving upwards toward your ear.

Try Inika Vegan Blush Brush ($39)

3. A liner brush to give you perfect control when applying liner in quick strokes.

This brush helps you create a sleek and sharp finish every time – perfect to use for eyeliner application and brow shaping.

Try either Inika Vegan Angle Brush ($29) or 100% Pure Angled Brush ($16.95).

4. An eye blender brush to eliminate any harsh lines and blend eyeshadow colour flawlessly.

This is the brush you need to apply all-over eye shadow colour as it will give your lids a smooth finish and more intense pigment than a fluffier brush would.

How to: Sweep shadow over the lids from the inside of the eye, outwards.

Try Inika Vegan Eyeshadow Brush ($29).

5. An eyebrow brush to create and shape the perfect arch.

Keep your lashes and brows perfect. Use the comb to effortlessly separate each lash before or after applying mascara, and use the brush end to smooth and tame stray brows.

How to: super simple – use it like you would a hair brush! Brush up to create volume, then smooth out the hairs to create perfect arches.

Try the EcoTools Lash & Brow Groomer Brush ($2.99)

Great brands to get you started:IMG_8103

I seriously love EcoTools. Their products are 100% cruelty free, feature recycled aluminum and renewable bamboo. Plus they’re great quality and really last the distance. One of my favourite go-to kits –  the Eco Tools Starter Kit. It includes (image, left to right):

  • a blush brush
  • a concealer brush
  • an eyeshadow brush
  • an angled liner brush
  • a Lash & Brow Groomer:

This kit comes at a bargain price of just $12.99 and it’s available everywhere. I picked mine up from Woolworths, but they’re also stocked at Priceline and online.

Wotnot has a great Vegan Makeup Brush Set for $79.95. It contains eight brushes for precision and beautifully blended products. These include: a powder/bronzer brush, a blusher brush, a liquid foundation brush, a flat eyeshadow brush, an eye contour brush, an angled eye brush, a lip brush and an eyebrow brush.

Each brush has a satin lacquered bamboo handle and synthetic fibres for a completely cruelty free, eco-friendly product. The fibres also contain antibacterial properties to keep skin healthy. The brushes are individually handmade for the finest quality, and are lightweight, strong and waterproof.

Another great brand for sustainable, cruelty free brushes is Inika. All brushes are made from the softest synthetic fibres and the wood is sourced through sustainable forestry, making this a 100% Vegan and completely ethical product. They’re a little more $$ than EcoTools, but they are more luxe. Ready for the professional’s brush kit? Inika‘s Professional Makeup Vegan Brush Roll ($89) will make your make up application a dream. Featuring eight essential professional brushes in a stylish, recyclable black canvas roll that keeps your brushes safe, clean and ready for action when you need to whip out your next sensational look.

How often should you replace your brushes?
Make-up brushes of high quality should last you several years, especially if taken care of properly. 


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