Lighten hair naturally with Chamomile Tea

Looking for ways to lighten your hair without all the toxic fumes and chemical burns? Whilst I am a natural blonde, I’m not as fair or highlighted as I would like to be. Ordinarily I would hit the hairdressers for a half-head of foils, but lately the fumes have been really getting to me. I’ve read about lightening hair naturally with chamomile tea and I’m a little curious to see if it works. light hair

Chamomile tea is a traditional method for lightening hair. Naturally, I’m curious to see if it works. Chamomile tea works to lighten hair gradually, plus it will cause no damage to your hair. You’re not going to end up with platinum hair, but more a sunkissed look.

Now, I am a natural blonde, but not as blonde as I like, so theoretically it should work quite well on me.

But I go for a more ash/pearl shade of blonde than anything gold. Remember how we talked about skin tones? Well I’m cool toned so gold looks really crappy on me so I definitely don’t want that. I also hate (probably a hate shared by all blondes), hate brassy blonde. Yuck!

So for me to be convinced of this chamomile tea trick it’s got to a) work, and b) look fab.

Here’s what I did

1. Take 3 tea bags of pure chamomile and place in about 2 cups of boiling water 

 2. Let steep for about 15-20 minutes and let the water cool down.

3. Wash your hair with shampoo, then pour the tea over your hair and scalp. Do this slowly and carefully to really cover all your hair properly. You can pop a large bowl underneath your hair to capture the runoff, then re-pour it over your head. Repeat this a couple of times.

4. Let your hair air dry. For best results, sit in the sun for a little while to enhance the results. I sat outside at midday for about half an hour.


My hair is only really darker underneath where the sun doesn’t normally reach it. My hair is tied back in these photos so you can better see.

Yea, my hair is pretty dirty too. How embarrassing.


Wow, I’m actually surprised this worked! To be honest, I was not expecting it to. I almost had second thoughts when I made up the tea and saw how yellow it was. I was petrified it would turn my hair yellow! I persevered and did it anyway and fortunately it had the desired effect.

lighten hair naturally with chamomile tea

Before (left) and After one rinse (right)

This is a gradual lightening technique so it will need to be repeated to get the full effect. I gave it another try, in the name of science, to determine whether this method is a keeper or not. Second time around I didn’t sit in the sun, just to see how much difference sun makes.

Unfortunately, second time around it was making my hair too golden/yellow and I headed straight to the hairdresser for some toner! It didn’t make too much difference to the lightness of my hair, but it sure did deposit colour. The colour makes me look sickly against my skin tone!

So yes, it will work but very gradually and beware, it is only suitable for golden blonde tones. To make it work better sit out in the sun for your hair to dry. I’m not likely to revisit it again in a hurry, but just because it’s not right me doesn’t mean it won’t be fantastic for someone else.   


Chamomile gives a really beautiful golden tint to the hair so if you are blonde then your hair will be much more brighter and radiant and if you have brown hair, it will become 2 or 3 shades lighter.

Chamomile tea hair treatment is best for:

It is best suited to those with warm skin tones or those who favour the golden or honey blonde tones.

Who should avoid lightening their hair with chamomile tea:

For me, on my pearl blonde, it’s not a winner. You can’t say I don’t provide honest reviews!

I also doubt it will work on black hair though, it’s far too mild a formula (feel free to prove me otherwise though).

Side effects:

Not only will it lighten your hair, it’s also really conditioning. My hair felt super soft and silky after using the tea – so much better than a head full of peroxide and ammonia!


Have you tried chamomile tea or any other natural lightening strategies? I would love to hear your tips and tricks; comment below. 

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