Product Review: Lavera Organic Fake Tan Lotion

I’ve been using the Lavera organic fake tan lotion for a couple of months now and just realised I’ve never shared my results with you guys! The Lavera Self Tan has won many awards internationally so I had to try it for myself to find out why.

I’ve mentioned the Lavera brand quite a few times already so you know it’s a brand I use and respect. The Lavera range is Certified Natural by the BDIH, which also means it must not contain toxins. So the DHA (the stuff that makes you tan) in this product must come from a natural source.

About Lavera Self Tanning Lotion

Lavera Organic Skin Care is an all natural paraben-free skin care range, made in Germany for over 20 years. Made to the strictest European standards with Certified Organic Ingredients, Lavera is perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

This product has won numerous awards including;

  • Gorgeously Green Best Sunless Tan 2008
  • Europe Special Innovation Prize 2002
  • Green Beauty Bible Awards
  • Miss Eco Glam Award 2010 Best Fake Tan
  • Natural Health Award 2010

Plus it’s vegan and cruelty free.


lavera organic fake tan lotionIt’s very easy to apply Lavera Self Tanning Lotion. If you can apply moisteriser, you can apply this product. No problems.


You won’t feel like you’re putting on self tanner.  Instead, it will look like you are just putting on your daily moisturiser because there’s no colour guide (some tanners have a little bronzer in them so you can see where you’ve applied or how dark it’ll be. This tanner doesn’t have that).

Because it’s not coloured though you do need to take care you apply evenly and don’t miss a spot. You won’t know if you have until a few hours later!

See my earlier post for tips for applying an even, perfect tan every time.

On a side note, this is a little bit of a funny lotion. Depending on the room temperature the lotion thins/thickens. In summer it was quite runny, pouring out like a body milk. I had to be careful not to squirt too much out! In winter it thickens a little a becomes more of a lotion. Any one else find this to be the case? Obviously has zero impact on performance, it’s just a funny quirk of the product. A nice reminder that we’re dealing with fairly unrefined, natural ingredients that behave as nature intended, rather than a heavily synthesised chemical tan.

Drying time

Around 20-30 minutes. Bear in mind it is heavily moisterising, so like all moisterisers, you’ll be able to feel it on your skin for quite some time after application. It doesn’t feel sticky or wet though, just a soft film over your body.

You can dress not long after applying and it’s white sheet safe.


Smell’s great. No chemically after smell, just deliciousness. Lavera is one of the better smelling self tanners I’ve reviewed and there are no traces of DHA odour.


From True Natural

From True Natural

After about 5 hours your colour will have developed.  It’s a light brown with a hint of bronze. Think golden tan. It isn’t a drastic change in colour but the subtleness of it will give you a nice glow.

I’m very fair and don’t tan in the sun, so it only created a slight bronzed hue on me. It does get darker with the more coats I apply, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

It’s not as dark on my skin as Eco Tan, but it is a perfect soft tan for winter.

Added Benefits

Some tanners will dry out your skin (especially the traditional ones) which will reduce the longevity of your tan overall. Lavera Self Tanning Lotion is packed full of nourishing ingredients, like sunflower seed oil and macadamia nut oil, so it moisturises your skin while it tans. This leads to a better looking tan on healthier skin that lasts longer. Because it is a lighter tan, I use Lavera on a fairly regular basis as a gradual tanner in place of moiseriser.

Best for

  • Novices as it’s super easy to apply and isn’t too dark. You’ll be able to gradually build a colour that you feel comfortable with.
  • Those with a little more melanin in their skin – it’ll produce a darker tan on you.

Buy now

  • True Natural is the official stockist of Lavera products and best for international readers. A 150ml/5oz tube will set you back $USD32 or $AUD43.45
  • Nourished Life has it at a better price for us Aussies, at $34.95
  • The cheapest I’ve found it is at Down to Earth Organics for $31.95

Disclaimer: I don’t receive payments for promoting products. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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