Lush Lashes with Lavera Organic Makeup

Reviewing Lavera Organic Intense-Volumizing Mascara and Soft Eyeliner: Volumising is my favourite verb when it comes to beauty products. For anyone with fine hair, like me, you’ll develop a certain talent for sniffing out the volumising product in any range. Some leave us horribly disappointed, others moderately impressed and some very few will blow our minds, or more accurately, our hair.

Volume is not just limited to the hair on our heads either, sometimes amping up your lashes is also equally important. So today, I’m trialing two lush Lavera products: Intense-Volumizing Mascara and Soft Eyeliner.


About Lavera

German made, Lavera is one of the healthiest and safest ranges of natural cosmetics and organic skin care on the market.

Lavera cosmetics are made from 100% natural flower extracts and organic oils whilst their skin care range is made with certified organic ingredients that will improve and calm your skin within days.

Lavera products boast a range of benefits: Made with pure, organic plant oils, herb and flower extracts. They’re free from parabens, SLS and synthetic preservatives as well free from fragrances, emulsifiers and petroleum based ingredients. What’s more, their products are cruelty, gluten and GMO Free. Perfect!

Intense Volumizing Mascara

This super-intense formula creates longer, thicker, shinier lashes with serious impact thanks to a new extra-volume brush and an innovative quick-dry formula that prevents lashes from sticking. Natural ingredients such as organic beeswax and refined mineral pigments make for long-lasting hold.

I love the way this product makes my lashes look and feel. They’re shiny and healthy looking, even after you remove it. If you’re used to standard mascara’s you’ll love how much this one conditions your lashes. Remember, healthy lashes are stronger, therefore longer!

Lavera Intense-Volume Mascara, despite its name, doesn’t create enough volume for my liking. I like false lash-looking plumpness. In order to get the look I’ve created below, I applied numerous coats. We’re talking 3-4 here. But despite the number of coats though it doesn’t clump of look candy, which is a massive bonus.

This is a great mascara if you like natural looking make-up. Very day time friendly. Just don’t expect intense volume. You can expect them though to look perfect, healthy and clump free.


What I love about Lavera Intense-Volume Mascara

  • Pleasant smell
  • Doesn’t clump
  • No need to use a lash comb to separate
  • Conditions
  • Designed for sensitive eyes and skin
  • Smooth application
  • Washes off easily
  • No flaking
  • Perfect if you wear contacts because it is safe for sensitive eyes

What’s not so good

  • Smudges under eyes if not applied properly or toward the end of a busy day
  • If you are looking for a dramatic lash look this mascara will not work
  • Big brush can be difficult to apply. This is a personal preference thing, probably because I have hooded eyelids.
  • I find even with careful applications I can end up with little spots on my lids. A cotton tip will fix it up easily enough, but it’s still annoying. Smaller brushes do tend to be easier to control.

Score: 3.5/5

I love the formula but it’s just not “intense-volume” enough for me.


Soft Eyeliner

Lavera’s eyeliners are created with organic jojoba oil and shea butter to provide intense, lasting color. A built-in sponge applicator ensures easy application and allows you to create a multitude of looks, from a precise, thin line to a soft smoky effect. Gentle natural ingredients mean the liners are suitable for sensitive skin and contact wearers. This product is vegan.


Available in black, brown, grey, green, blue & golden brown

Available in black, brown, grey, green, blue & golden brown

What I love about Lavera’s Soft Eyeliner

  • Gorgeous rich colour (I’ve used black)
  • The pencil glides on; no tugging on delicate eye lids
  • Smooth application
  • Sponge tip on the end for smudging or perfectly your line
  • Lasts all day
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers
  • Comes in 6 gorgeous colours:  black, brown, grey, green, blue & golden brown

What’s not so good

  • It smudges very easily, and not always when you want it to.
  • If the pencil is warm it does this even more so.

Score: 4/5

Love everything except the smudging.

Where to buy

Both products are available from:


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