Tried & Tested: KORA Organics Exfoliating Cream

I love a good facial exfoliant. They’re such an under-rated skincare product. What the do is scrub off the top layer of dead skin cells, making your complexion brighter and smoother. Also, by removing the old dead stuff you’re allowing your other skin care products (like your expensive serums) to sink in a little better and get to work where they’re needed. In my pursuit of great scrubs, I’ve trialed Miranda Kerr’s own range, KORA. Miranda Kerr is ridiculously good looking and always has amazing skin. So if this is what she’s using I’m prepared to give it a go too.

Also, exfoliation is beneficial for all skin types. Amazing for old or dry skin, as it takes off the dull stuff. Brilliant for oily and acne prone to help clear out your pores. Everyone should be using one at least weekly.

KORA Organics Exfoliating Cream

exfoliating-cream_1KORA Organics Exfoliating Cream contains a unique blend of organically grown Oat Flour and Bamboo to gently buff away dead skin cells helping to reveal a smoother, softer complexion. KORA Organics gentle and effective exfoliant is filled with Essential Oils to nourish and cleanse the skin and is gentle enough to be used on all skin types including sensitive skin.

It’s recommended to use this one, every second day.


  • Gentle exfoliating action, perfect for delicate face skin.
  • Rich cream base leaves your skin feeling oh so soft.
  • Smells great. No artificial chemical scent here, it’s all natural essential oils.
  • By using oat flour and bamboo as the exfoliating properties, there’s no need for nasty little plastic microbeads. Oat flour and bamboo are renewable resources and entirely biodegradable. If you’re still using a scrub with microbeads you should seriously reconsider.


  • At $54.95, it’s not exactly cheap
  • It says it’s perfect for face and body, but I wouldn’t waste it on your body. The fine beads are better suited to your face so you wont get much bang for your buck on your body.

Verdict: The creamy formula makes this product feel really luxurious against your skin. The exfoliants get to work while the cream base cares and hydrates your skin. My skin definitely feels softer and smoother after use.

Buy now: from Nourished Life, $54.95.

KORA is also stocked at David Jones and some Pharmacies.

Overseas shoppers, try Net-A-Porter.

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