I’ve moved!

Welcome to my new page… you may not even noticed you’ve been diverted, so surprise! My new page (in case you want to bookmark it) is www.untappedlife.com.au – only slightly different, but don’t forget to add the .au on the end.

I’m now self-hosting, which was an interesting and challenging way to spend a week. I’m still not sure what FTP or CPanel is supposed to mean/do, but it seems somehow I fluked my way into getting the site back up and running. And like the adult I am, I didn’t even cry. Not even once!

I hope you will enjoy some of the new changes I’ve made, and will continue to be making. It’s all very new and exciting for me so please bear with me as I continue to figure things out and deliver on the service I’ve long been dreaming about.

Until next time, have a great long weekend this Easter!

IMG_5422Cheers! x


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