Illuminating Illuminator with Ere Perez Face Highlighter


Get your glow on, like Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

A lot of people get nervous with illuminating products for the fear of applying too much and end up looking like the moon. In reality, applying illuminator is one of the easiest ways you can fake younger looking, dewy skin. The easiest type of illuminator to apply is cream, like Ere Perez Face Versatile Vanilla Highlighter. It’s not hard to put on, and once you’ve mastered where to apply it, you’ll become addicted to how 3D and angular it makes your face look. Read my review and guide to applying.

Which Ere Perez Highlighter is Best for Me?

Ere Perez Versatile Vanilla Highlighter is a beautiful creamy iridescent highlighter that softly illuminates the skin for a healthy natural shimmery glow.

A foolproof cream that is super easy to apply and comes in two shades, to suit all complexions:

Ere Perez Face Highlighter

Versatile Vanilla Highlighter Falling Star

Fairer skin types should go for the shimmery and pearlescent versions (like Falling Star).
While for olive and dark skin tones, you want something more golden (try Sun Halo).

ere perez-vanilla-sun-halo

Versatile Vanilla Highlighter Sun Halo

I do have both though. I just use the darker one, Sun Halo, when I’m all spray tanned up and rocking a more golden hue, or when I’m feeling liberal with the bronzer. Falling Star is my go-to every day though as it better suits my skin tone.

How to Apply

As natural as it is beautiful, the Vanilla Highlighter is made from olive oil, native Mexican Candelilla wax, cocoa butter, avocado oil and grape seed oil to give a gorgeously soft, shimmery and creamy formula that is really easy to apply with the fingertips.

Apply foundation (if using) first.

illuminator ere perez highlighter apply review

How to apply Ere Perez Highlighter

Dab along the top of the cheekbone, blending out to just above your eyebrow, using your fingers or a beauty blender. Take it down the centre of your nose, middle of your forehead and chin, and place a tiny amount on your cupid’s bow. Applying it to the lip area helps your lips look bigger, particularly if you’re wearing nude lipstick or clear gloss.

Use the face diagram (left), provided by Ere Perez, to help guide you.

Because it’s a cream product, you can apply with your fingers and it will just melt into your skin. Make sure you blend the edges well (dab with fingers) where you’ve applied so you’re not left with any obvious lines.

If you’re applying the product over powders, like powdered mineral foundation or bronzer, it may need a little more blending. Powder products ‘set’ liquid/cream makeups so you will need to work quickly.

If you’re wearing a low cut dress/top, apply a little on your chest and collar bones.



Personal Review of Ere Perez Versatille Vanilla* Highlighter

Ere Perez Versatille Vanilla HighlighterBoth shades are smooth and creamy, and blend well into your skin to enhance your face. It suits all skin tones, for a sophisticated day time shimmer or night time glam. They don’t leave any tell-tale signs you’re faking your awesome complexion, just a soft sheen.

I’ve been loving Falling Star for quite some time now. You may remember it from an earlier post, Makeup to Win Over the In-Laws and probably any other photo around of me within the last year! Sun Halo is a newer addition to my kit but it’s getting a good run. Both apply the same and have similar results. The only difference is the colour it throws on your face.

* Featuring natural vanilla for texture and fragrance.


Illuminating fails: A cautionary tale

When I first stumbled across illuminating products, I started with a powder. I was super impressed by how it just transformed my skin. Foundation can often make your face look flat (especially if your skin’s already dry), but an illumator will give back that dewy, youthful complexion. It’s also great at hiding a magnitude of sins, like you’ve been partying or week… Which is what I had been doing the week leading up to a black-tie ball I was due to attend. I was 20 at the time, so didn’t know any better 😉

highlighting illuminator fail

How not to apply illuminator (me experiencing a lesson in highlighting, back in 2007)

My skin looked wrecked, so I slathered my face up with illuminator (quite naively) and I looked fab in the mirror. That was, until the photos of the evening were posted all over facebook and my face had lit up like a Christmas bauble!

The combination of camera flashes and the over application of illuminator made my face illuminate in all the wrong ways and washed me out completely. My forehead was shiny, and so were my chin and nose. What a shocker!

My takeaway lesson: if using a powder be very careful. Know what you’re doing before you begin, apply sparingly and carefully. Cream products are much easier to work with, and beginner friendly, as they are a lot harder to over apply.

Where to buy

Buy directly from the Ere Perez website for $31.05.

Most good organic beauty retailers will carry the Ere Perez range.

The ingredients

In case you wanted to check the quality for yourself, here’s the ingredients list:

Caprylic/caprictriglyceride, Hydrogenated olive oil, Candelilla wax (euphorbia cerifera), Cocoa butter (theobroma cacao), Ozokerite, Avocado oil (persea grastissima), Grape seed oil (vitis vinifera), Titanium dioxide, Vanilla planifolia extract, Iron oxides, Ci 77019, Ci 77891.

Accredited by cruelty-free Australia and PETA USA. Vegan friendly.

Why I love Ere Perez

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, Ere Perez is a great Australian company specialising in high quality, natural makeup. They share the same philosophy to beauty and cosmetics as I do, from what should go into them to how they should perform. All their products are cruelty free.

Please note: I don’t receive commissions or kick-backs from any of the companies or products I endorse. I rate only by my experiences using the products. All opinions are my own.

Have you tried this product? Share your tips below. 

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