I have a confession to make

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit slack posting lately. There’s been a few reasons for this. Partially because I’ve been super busy organizing the renovation of my house and also because I just haven’t had anything worth posting about. There may have also been an unhealthy addiction to the Big Love series on Presto.

You see, I’ve been wanting to cover natural skincare for a while now. You all know how much I love organic makeup, but I’ve wanted to also include skincare. For the past two years I’ve been using all natural formulas and in these two years I’ve been pretty quiet about them.

I’ve previously committed to only recommending products I believe are effective. Unfortunately, to date I haven’t been entirely sold on any natural skincare product or range (hemp oil and oil cleansing being the exception). Of course, there have been some brilliant internal aids like Carla Oates products and probiotics, but nothing that I’ve applied topically has made much difference.

They’re all nice enough and do moisterise and care, but effective? I’m sorry to say but I can’t really tell the difference between any standard Neutragena product and anything I’ve been using. Still I’ve persevered. They’re not bad or anything, they just haven’t excited me. (Also, I largely forgot how good the standard toxic stuff was so I happily kept using natural skincare.)

Recently on a trip back home, I gave an exfoliator my mum had been raving about a go. It was some Chemical exfoliant from a Korean skincare range her bestie had introduced her to. She was carrying on about it so much I compromised on my values and gave it a go.

natural skincare

They may look all natural, but I suspect theyre faking it

O M G it was the greatest product to have ever graced my face!!! It’s not a scrub, but a gel that dissolves off all your dead skin cells. My acne cleared up (diet and hemp oil has helped a lot but this was the final nail in my bad skin coffin) and my skin glowed. Needless to say, I took a tube back with me.

Since then, I’ve been doing a weekly scrub on the sly and loving it. Every time a pimple starts to surface, my magic scrub comes out and the next day the spot has gone. It’s seriously the greatest. Public Abi will deny this all though and tell you I’ve just been using natural skincare. 😛

But it’s gotten me thinking, have I been wasting my time with the stuff I’ve been using otherwise? I’m 28 and have fine lines around my eyes – clearly the all natural eye creams I’ve been dutifully dabbing on don’t work. My forehead has fairly obvious lines, normally reserved for the over 40 year old’s. My skin is still super dry despite ample application of expensive organic moisteriser.

These thoughts led me to purchasing a definitely-not-natural serum yesterday that promised to reverse sun damage and acne scars. To date, I’ve never found a natural product making these claims. Yes, I feel dirty but I’m also incredibly vain. Quit judging me.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to believe that natural skincare products can get the same results as your standard toxic chemical laden products and I certainly don’t want to compromise my long term health using that crap. But I do want results. 

If organic makeup can do the same job as pretty much any other brand, them I’m sure skincare should be able to meet those standards too.

So I’m throwing the challenge out there:

  • Can you convince me I can have it all? Glowing, healthy skin without the nasties.
  • What do you recommend? It must be effective, not just have a great list of ingredients.
  • Can you point out where I’m going wrong?

Or, should I embrace dull skin?

I would love to hear your results and/or recommendations using natural skincare.

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