How to: Fresh Faced Makeup

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Lavera Intense Volumizing Mascara, 100% Pure Eyeshadow in Toffee, 100% Pure Dark Cacao Eyeliner100% Pure Lipstick in Melon100% Pure Lip2Cheek in Peach

Recreate this fresh, spring look using all natural, organic makeup.

Step 1: Use a liquid foundation to create a fresh, sheer dewy base. Here’s some of my favourites or try Zuii Flora Liquid Mineral Foundation.zuii flora liquid mineral foundation

Step 2: Sweep a neutral coloured eyeshadow, like 100% Pure Eyeshadow in Toffee, over your eyelid but not above the crease. The trick here is to keep it soft. Use the product sparingly, just to create depth to your eyes rather than give the appearance of a “made up” eye.

Step 3: Draw a fine line with a brown eyeliner, like 100% Pure Dark Cacao Eyeliner. If you have bigger, or wide set eyes, start from the tear ducts. If your eyes are smaller, or close set, you may prefer to start 2/3 of the way in and carry the line out.

Rather than draw a line on your bottom lashes, dot the eyeliner on the lash line. This will create a naturally fuller look without looking like a heavy line.

Step 4: Apply 2 to 3 coats of a volumising mascara, like Lavera Intense Volumizing Mascara. Don’t forget your bottom lashes!

Step 5: Rub a peach coloured cheek tint, I love 100% Pure Lip2Cheek in Peach, over the apples of your cheeks. Cheek tints give a really fresh, natural look.

Step 6: Finally, a dash of melon or peach lipstick will complete your look. Try 100% Pure Lipstick in Melon for a natural finish.

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