How to Choose the Right Eyeliner Colour for You

How do you choose the best eyeliner and eye shadow colours for you? In the world of abundant choices in eye makeup things can get a little overwhelming. Do you choose your favourite colour, go with the same colour as your eyes or should you just stick to black? Here’s my guide to navigating through the sea of colour, to find your perfect match.

choose the right eyelinerThis guide works equally well for determining suitable eye shadow colours too. You’ll see from the celebrity examples I’ve provided, they’re wearing a combination of eyeliners and eye shadows so you’ll really see how each colour works.

What colour is best for you?

colour wheelTake a look at the colour wheel. This is a handy guide to reveal what’s the colours opposite. Knowing this is so important in makeup.

For example, to balance out redness we know to use it’s opposite, green, to correct it. When applied on top of one another, they cancel each other out. We can use this same method to determine what works to help make things stand out too.

The science behind complementary colours is simple: two opposite colours on the colour wheel provide each other with the most contrast and “pop.” Simple, but super important when you’re trying to pick the most flattering eyeshadow colours.


Blue Eyes

Since orange is the opposite color of blue, anything with orange in it will make blue eyes stand out more.taylor swift blue eyes

A beautiful copper brings out blue eyes and makes them pop! Using bronze, warm browns, copper and other colours that have similar undertones are sure to make those blue eyes pop.


Katy Perry rocking gold/bronze with blue eyes

Of course, blue also works with blue eyes (who would have guessed?).


Want natural & organic make-up for blue eyes? Read more here.

Brown Eyes

Teal and dark green is dazzling on brown eyes—it brightens them! Indeed, cool blues and greens are complementary on the colour wheel to browns, which makes colour pop. Olive green is also a great choice.

Blues and purples can also look pretty fantastic.

brown eyes eyeliner

If Rihanna says blue works, it works!

brown eyes makeup

Brown is a neutral colour, so any colour will work well. Brown eyes don’t compete with eyeliner colour the way other shades might, so the possibilities for different eyeliner shades that flatter are endless.

Hazel Eyes

If you have hazel eyes, purple will bring out any green in your eyes.Best-celebrity-makeup-looks-for-hazel-eyes_05

Adding a bronze pencil to the inside lower rim of the eye will make hazel eyes look more golden.

Rose gold is also a great color for hazel eyes as it’s warm, sultry, and complements the brown tones in your eyes.Best-celebrity-makeup-looks-for-hazel-eyes_02

Green Eyes

Red is the opposite colour of green, which isn’t to say you should apply a cherry red-colored eyeshadow to your lids. Unless you’re into the bloodshot eyes look… But you’ll help your green eyes pop if you use colours that have red undertones, like deep plums and eyes makeup

Green eyes look amazing in purple and plum eyeliners—it makes them look eyes eyeliner

Feeling brave?

If you have blue eyes and love purple, don’t worry you can still use it! If you want to rock a different look you still can. Just match a colour of the same undertone to your own. Find out more about undertones here.

For example, if you have cool blue eyes chose shades that are cool (silver) toned or blue-based. Likewise, someone with gorgoues brown eyes that throw to warm (gold), chose warmer shade or red-based colours.

Here’s my go-to for colour tone matching:

Does this shade go best with silver or gold?

Silver means it’s cool; gold means it’s warm, and; if both look great with it, it’s neutral. Easy!

Hate colour?

If colour’s not your thing, or you’re still overwhelmed, remember black & brown are always safe choices and can be used for a variety of looks, for both day & night. Black and brown are make-up kit essentials and should not be overlooked!

At all costs, you want to avoid this look: 

cl_e58d39420354d200af42189ae04a11ce Sorry, but it’s NEVER going to be cool! Unless you’re into the goth scene, in which case – rock on :-)


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