Honest Beauty Reviews

One of my pet peeves is genetically blessed fashion/beauty bloggers sharing ‘make-up free selfies’ of incredibly beautiful, smooth, glowing skin. Followed up by posts on their ‘secrets’ to their luscious skin, which generally includes an expensive product. I look at these and think “gee, I should give that product a try” and sometimes I do; and I’m horribly disappointed that my pale, freckly and sometimes spotty skin does not look anything like their incredible complexion.

Well I’m fed up. Fed up with these types spruking products that may or may not make a difference when they began with perfect faces anyway. I’m reviewing products myself and sharing them with you. With my less than perfect skin and features so my fellow, normal looking sisters can find some REAL reviews before they part with their hard earned cash on the next miracle.

When I created this blog my aim was to provide genuine advice and tips that I personally have found beneficial and what I felt others might appreciate as well. I consider myself a fairly normal person and felt that if I could do something, or something worked for me, then surely others would come to similar conclusions.

I’ve committed myself to being realistic, believable and honest throughout this blog. My shots are 100% untouched up and no special lighting. I am not even a good photographer. I take selfies with my iPhone and post them.

I buy all the products myself and do not receive payment from any company. All reviews are my own opinion. If you want me to try your product, feel free to send it to me but you better be pretty confident it works!

Per these commitments I will be sharing all my favourite, all natural beauty products with genuine reviews (and occasionally even the ones that sucked). I’ve already shared some of my favourite foundations, road tested on myself with real before and after shots.

If, like me, you’re tired of seeing some Miranda Kerr look-alike touting the benefits of particular products then join me, as I review natural, organic beauty products and give genuine feedback. Rather than have us both part with our hard earned cash on the next miracle, check in regularly to see if I’ve reviewed it. Or drop me a line and ask me to try it.

Share with me

If you have found an awesome natural product that you want to share with the world please contact me via my About Page. I would love more input from normal people to create a go-to database for people of all skin types and complexions.