Beauty Essentials: Makeup in under 10 Minutes


If you’re anything like me you hit the snooze button more often than not. A few extra precious zzz’s easily becomes prioritized over getting ready for work. Or maybe you are just generally time-poor thanks to one too many commitments or even motherhood. Whatever the reason, your beautyifying regime shouldn’t suffer the consequences. I’ve downsized my daily beauty regime to the essentials, to get me out the door in 10 minutes or less. These are my secrets & top products:makeup in under 10 minutes

Step 1: Create a Perfect Base

Totally optional, but recommended. Starting from a tanned base will instantly make your skin look 10x better. If you’ve got pale skin, uneven skin tone, freckles, age spots, dark spots, etc. a tan will hide all those imperfections and make you look 5kg lighter. Obviously this step needs to be done the night before (as a minimum) for optimal results.

What I use:

Asyana available in spray tan solution or DIY Lotion – serious tanorexics only; not for tan novices Eco Tan Invisible Tan, $34.95 from Nourished Life – perfect for daily use and tan newbies Tan Organic self tan oil, $39.95 from Nourished Life –  perfect for daily use and tan newbies

Tip: See my fake tan reviews here.

Step 2: Lay the Foundation

After washing and moisterising, apply a multi-tasking product like BB Creme. Why? Rather than applying a sunscreen, primer and foundation (consuming valuable time), a BB Creme is all these products in one.

It’ll provide soft, light coverage perfect for daily wear. If you want more coverage you could use a foundation, but it’ll take longer. Try BB Creme, you’ll be surprised at how well it brightens and corrects your skin tone.

I love:

la mav bb cremeLa Mav Organic BB Creme $39.95 from Beautiful Because. Suitable for all skin tones thanks to its colour adaptive formula. My current favourite. kora tinted day creamKora Tinted Day Cream $59.95 from Nourished Life – Make you look almost as good as Miranda Kerr (or so I’m led to believe). I find the colour a little too warm/dark for my cool-toned, pale skin though. It’s great when I’m fake tanned though. About an SPF 5.

If you’ve got any pimples or spots that need extra coverage, dab on a concealer. I love Eco Minerals concealer, $33. It holds up the best against pimples and won’t slide off half way through the day. Its got a nice matte finish.

Step 3: Groom those Brows

This step is one of the newest in my makeup regime and I’m kicking myself I didn’t get onto it earlier. I’ve got naturally blonde hair, which means fair eyebrows. Since getting those bad boys tinted regularly it has completely changed my face. Tinting your brows stop you from looking washed out, frames your eyes and seems to improve the appearance of any eye makeup. Not sure how this works, but I find my features, especially my eyes, more prominent. My eyes are already popping thanks to highlighted brows, so I find I need less mascara. Who knew strong brows would be such a game changer?

Either get your brows tinted regularly (saving you valuable morning time) or groom them with a brow product. Brush or stroke on colour, then give them a quick groom with a brow brush.

I love:

product-almond-eyebrow-pencilEre Perez Organic Almond Eyebrow Pencil $26.95 from Flora & Fauna. It’s a great brow pencil and it’s got a bonus brush for grooming on the other end. It’s two for one!

Step 4: Define your Eyes

Depending on your preference/mood, there’s a few simple ways to add more definition to your eyes. Eye-shadow, as the name suggests, adds shadow and depth to your eyes. Eyeliner however can create thicker looking lashes (for added drama) or define your eye shape. Both products, if applied correctly, will keep your makeup looking ‘natural’ (but better) without looking over the top. The key here is to use natural shades.

Of course you can skip this step and still look great, but I do love the results. For me, spending an extra minute or two on this step is totally worth it.

You can use your preferred option (eye shadow or line), or even both, to step your eye makeup up to the next level.

I love:

Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye PaletteLily Lolo Laid Bare Eye Palette $44 from Beautiful Because. My favourite makeup item lately. I use this bad boy daily. It’s made up of neutral colours with a hint of sheen, making your eyes instantly a masterpiece. Because they’re natural/neutral shades it’s not immediately apparent you’re wearing eyeshadow, it just looks like you have naturally amazing eyes. Ere_Perez_Organic_Jojoba_Pencil_Black_grandeEyeliner in classic colours create a natural look. Try Ere Perez Organic Jojoba Eye Pencil – black or brown $25.95 from Beautiful Because. Matching your eyeliner colour to your mascara will help make the two work seamlessly, thus more natural.Using coloured eyeliners is great, but not always suitable for daily wear or conservative work environments.

Step 5: Lash Up

100% non negotiable, totally essential step. Never skip this one!

I surely don’t have to justify this one? If eyes are the window to ones soul, then eyelashes are the curtains. Was that poetic? Hmm not sure on that one.

I was traditionally an all-black mascara girl, but after using the Ere Perez Sunflower Oil Mascara (it’s brown) I can’t go back to black during the day. It just looks ridiculous now on someone as fair as me. My absolute favourite mascara, by 100% Pure, fortunately comes in both black and brown so everyone can enjoy this fabulous product:

100 percent pure black tea mascara 100% Pure Black Tea Mascara, available in Black & Brown $29.95 from Nourished Life.I’m not even going to provide you another mascara option here, as this one really is the greatest.

Step 6: Add Colour

Sometimes foundation can leave your face looking a bit flat (it makes your skin tone uniform after all). Blush is the ideal way to add colour back to your face. Application depends on your face shape – follow this guide if you need help.

I love:

w3ll peopleW3LL PEOPLE Multi-use Colour Stick #8 – it’s a dusty rose shade that’s both a little red and brown, so it’s perfect, natural shade for day time. Dab a little of this on for a fresh warm colour. $49.95 from Nourished Life. variant_68902Fancy something a little more pink? I love this shade from Ere Perez, called Bondi Blush. So sweet! $37.95 from Nourished Life.

Optional Step 6: If you’re feeling a little pale or want a little more glam, add bronzer too.

I love:

 Lavera Sun Glow Bronzer Duo - Golden SaharaLavera Sun Glow Bronzer Duo – Golden Sahara $43.95 from Nourished Life. Perfect for those with warm, golden undertones or fake tan addictions (ahem). 100% Pure Cocoa Bronzer100% Pure Cocoa Bronzer $44.95 from Nourished Life is perfect for a glam tan.

Step 7: Finishing touches

Generally I’ll finish my daily makeup here. I’m a simple girl most days! But I know how many of you love lipstick or want to add your own special touches. I should start lipsticking more, it really does enliven your face. PS you can do this step on the way to work too.

If I’m adding lip colour I’ll generally choose a lip tint for a soft colour or a swipe of the same W3ll  People Colour Stick I used in Step 6.

My other favourites are:

7-shade-swatches-Luk Lip Nourish – especially in Pink Juniper $24.95.All the shades work to compliment your natural skin tones, to provide a touch of colour while also nourishing your lips. They also feel nice on (a little silky) and taste great too.


Ere Perez Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balm – Harmless. Another multitasking product that works for both lips & cheeks. This shade is oh so pretty on both. While the colour looks quite pale (in both the image and real life), the colour that it transfers to is quite strong so a little goes a long way. $27.95 from Beautiful Because.

But if you’re looking for a bolder choice, check out my guide here. It’s a fairly comprehensive lists of popular lipstick shades & top products.

So that’s it! My everyday makeup regime in 7 steps and less than 10 minutes in prep time.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own. I am not affiliated with any company endorsed or recommended. I’ve shopped from all the stores I’ve quoted and found them all to be reliable. As such, I’ve recommended them based on personal experience. Similarly, products recommend are all products I own & use (unless stated otherwise). I am aware I have a costly makeup addiction and rather than me solely reap those benefits, I’m sharing my reviews with you in an effort to save you time and money.


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