Dr Organic Deodorant Tried & Tested

Now that the weather’s heating up it’s super important to be investing in good quality, reliable deodorant. I’ve been rotating with a few old favourites and trialing some newbies – including Dr. Organic Deodorant.

Dr. Organic deodorant

 The run down:

  • 50ml cream formula
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Free of Aluminium, SLS, Parabens and Alcohol, as well as artificial colours, fragrances and preservative
  • GMO Free
  • Roll-on deodorant
  • Comes in a glass bottle, so when you’re done pull off the top and recycle
  • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

The Formula:

This antibacterial deodorant is a liquid cream roll-on, ideally suited for all skin types including sensitive.

It’s super gentle ingredients (it’s bicarbonate soda free) are soft on skin, but surprisingly effective. The formula is on an aloe vera base, so it nourishes and hydrates your skin, while the other ingredients get to work on stink-prevention.

Formulated with Aloe Vera, Sunflower oil, Icelandic and Irish Moss and Vitamin E, this deodorant is soothing and skin-friendly, providing long-lasting protection without harsh chemical additives.

This formula glides on smoothly and is quickly absorbed, leaving no white residue or stains and delivers long-lasting protection.


I’ve been using the deodorant in the scent, pomegranate. Smells pretty and fresh, but not overly feminine or strong. The soft scent does linger all day too which is pretty nice.

Scent or fragrance isn’t really an accurate term here. While each Dr Organic deodorant is defined by it’s fragrance, but you’ll notice that it’s also an important component of its active ingredient list. For example, tea tree is not only fragrant but also anti-bacterial, making it perfect for use on the underarms.

Dr Organic Deodorant Range

The Dr Organic deodorant range also includes:


Ok, I’ll be honest here, I’ve had some hits and misses. Bear in mind I live in Queensland and it’s generally hot & humid this time of year so I’ve given this deodorant a proper run for my money. Some days this product performs better than others.


When I first started using the deodorant I would occasionally catch a whiff of my natural womanly scent when I put my arms up in the afternoon. So not too bad, but not 100% either. No one would be happy with an average deodorant after all!

I do like the deodorant though and know sometimes the non toxic varieties just need a little helping hand after about 8-10 hours.

So, I applied in the morning and then reapplied late afternoon (before running or hitting the gym) for a foolproof deodorant coverage. Only the soft scent of pomegranates was observed. Problem solved!

Dr organic deodorant

This deodorant is comparable to Mukti deodorant for performance, which I’ve previously reviewed. It’s a great deodorant to alternate with and does work well, provided you reapply.

Overall I would score it 8/10

Buy from:

Dr Organic products are frequently stocked in health food shops. Otherwise, try:

Shop Naturally $12.95

Pharmacy Online $9.95 (save $3!)

Or, click on your preferred fragrance for a direct link.

Disclaimer: I don’t receive any benefits, payments etc from any company or brand I recommend. All reviews and opinions expressed are my own. 


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