Does Mukti Deodorant actually work? I’ve tested it

I’ve previously posted about the dangers of antiperspirants and some of my favourite all natural deodorants (to date). As promised, I’ve tried yet another natural deodorant.


Mukti is a great Australian company producing a wide variety of all natural beauty products. Their deodorant is a roll on, and marketed to both men and women (genius!). Here’s my review.

About the Company:

Established in 2000, Mukti (mooktee) Organics is one of Australia’s original and much loved certified organic skin, hair and body care brands. Their formulas are based on the principles of the cosmetic chemistry and aromatherapy, making them incredibly luxurious and effective at the same time.

All its products have Organic certification with the Organic Food Chain (OFC), which means that their products nourish and protect the body, enhance ecological harmony and create minimal impact on the natural environment.

Australian made, all products are non-GMO and 100% free from all harmful chemicals and work synergistically with the skin to deliver outstanding results.

In 2006 Mukti gained its official accreditation as a premium certified organic beauty range and today continues to be one of Australia’s cleanest brands. Each of their quality certified organic ingredients have been specially chosen to work synergistically with the skin for the best results.

And, as this week is The Human Society’s Be Cruelty Free Week, I’ve chosen to recognise Mukti Organics as a Cruelty Free company. Mukti‘s philosophy is this, “We believe that all sentient beings have the right to a humane life. That is why we never test our products on animals, export to countries that still engage in animal testing or buy raw materials from companies that do. Our Choose Cruelty Free logo ensures that we abide by this.” How can you not love that?

MUKTI Roll On Deodorant

product_14509_0How it works: 

The certified organic herbal ingredients target the bacteria which breeds around the body’s sweat glands and ingredients such as witch hazel, lavender hydrosol and a synergistic blend of pure essential plant oils, renowned for their antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties, keep underarms fresh all day. 


Just roll it on. Give the bottle a gentle squeeze or shake to make sure you get enough on – this is super important. 


First day I tried this I wasn’t convinced; there was a little whiff when I got up close. Not bad per se, but I wouldn’t want my boyfriend around them. But day two I was a little more generous with my application, and boy what a difference! 

I’ve tested Mukti Roll On Deodorant in Central Queensland humidity, while renovating my house and spending days outdoors getting hot, sweaty and grotty. 

And it works. I would be impressed if Rexona held up in those conditions, but when a natural product does I’m floored. Just be sure to apply generously. If you don’t apply enough you’ll know a few hours later.  

By enough, I mean squeeze the bottle a little as you apply to thickly coat it on. You’ll feel all wet under there after, but it will dry quickly. Alternatively, reapply later in the day if you want to stay fresh into the night. This for me, is the biggest draw back of this product. Yes it works, but you’ve got to use a tonne.

***** Update, 7 April 2015: My sister previously said to me that the natural deodorants she’s tried work for her, and then they don’t. I didn’t really get what she meant until now. Unfortunately Mukti deodorant has done this for me. A month or two of use, and now it doesn’t work for me. So sad!

I’ve read though that switching up your deodorant (like you need to do with shampoo and skincare) will counter this problem. So use one brand for a month, then swap it out for another the next month. Just keep rotating the two (or three) until you run out, and you’ll be fresh all year round!


It’s marketed as unisex, and uses pure essential oils of lavender, patchouli and sandalwood. It is a pleasant fragrance, without being overpowering or overly floral.  In fact, I would say it smells more masculine than feminine.


$12.95 (75ml)

Available from: 

Health food shops and natural skincare wholesalers, like and

 Score: 4/5

This is a great product and works well. I haven’t convinced my partner to make the change yet, but I’m sure males would love it just as much as me. 

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