Beauty Essentials for all Ages: 20s

When you’re in your twenties your skin is in pretty good shape. You might still be suffering from hormonal acne (wtf is up with that?) but generally your skin’s supple and glowing.

Let Taylor Swift be your beauty muse.

1. We’re Out of The Woods so get a good SPF cover

Apply daily. Sunscreen will help block the sun’s aging UV rays, keeping your skin youthful for longer. Either use a specialty face sunscreen under your usual makeup or a BB/CC cream that does the job too.


  • Eco All Natural Sunscreen – Face SPF30+ ($19.95) is non-greasy, non comedogenic and doesn’t cause your foundation to slide off half way through the day. It’s my favourite.
  • Or, for a multi-tasking product try Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses CC Cream with SPF 30 ($24.95 ). CC Creams are similar to BB, so they are essentially an all-in-one product – colour corrects, conceals, brightens, moisterises and protects from the sun. Perfect for when you’re running late to Uni.

2. Develop a good skin care regime, it’s a Love Story

Start practising good habits now to avoid premature aging. This is the routine that’ll set you up for life consider it like investing in your superannuation – you don’t see the benefits now but when you’re 50 you’ll be so glad you did


You should be washing your face daily to remove all the grime from the day as well as your makeup. Never sleep in your makeup! No matter how natural it is. It’s just gross – you’ll make a mess of your pillow case and you’re just gunking up your pores. Plus you’ll feel like crap in the morning. If the thought of being bare faced in front of a suitor terrifies you, keep a BB cream, mascara and cheek tint handy to quickly freshen up (all small enough to fit in even the tiniest of bags).

People will argue that you need a separate makeup remover product. Those people are in sales. A good face wash will do the job.

Learn about your skin type and match the appropriate products to it. Younger skin tends to be more oily so something like:


It’s generally recommended by skincare professionals to tone after washing. What I use is my own DIY Brightening Toner which seems to do the trick. It helps dry up pimples and encourages skin cell turnover. If you would prefer one in fancy packaging (hey, I’m not judging!) try one of these:


Follow up your wash & tone with a good moisturiser.acure oil control moisteriser

  • If you’ve got oily skin it’s still essential that you moisturise; just choose the right product for you. Acure Oil Control Facial Moisturiser – Lilac Stem Cells + 1% Chlorella Growth Factor ($29.95), is a lightweight moisturiser that’s easily absorbed, created for oily and problem skin types.
  • Lavera Mattifying Balancing Cream Organic Calendula & Ginger ($27.75) is suited to normal and combination skin. It contains a clever blend of natural Vitamin E with organic calendula to protect your skin and boost hydration in dry areas, while simultaneously mattifying an oily t-zone.
  • Dr Alkaitis Organic Day Crème ($74.95) helps strengthen, heal and protect the skin against everyday environmental damage and anti-ageing while stimulating the oxygen supply to the skin’s surface, increasing luminosity. It feels pretty thick when you apply it (almost like a butter or balm) but it does absorb quickly. Great for all skin types.

In your late 20s you might find your skin starting to change. This is what I’m going through now. There’s lines appearing on my forehead and around my eyes. If you’re experiencing this you may want to think about stepping it up a little. Try incorporating a gentle night cream and/or eye cream into your regime.

  • Acure Night Cream Argan Stem Cell + 2% Chlorella Growth Factor ($31.95) feeds your skin with nutrients and hydration while you sleep. It feels like a rich moisteriser when you apply it and made my skin feel really smooth. FYI, Tay Tay uses night cream all the time, “I put on night cream before I go to bed and every morning before makeup.”
  • Start using an eye cream – it’ll help prevent wrinkles later and reduce dark circles & puffiness. Once the skin around your eye starts to lose moisture, it’s hard to replace what has been lost. It’s a good idea to feed your skin what it needs before it actually needs it. I love the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream ($18.95) for this purpose. It reduces puffiness, dark circles, reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, improves skin hydration & moisturisation and improves skin elasticity.

3. Get a Blank Space -treat your spots with care

I’m not going to tell you not to pop your pimples. I won’t ever recommend something I don’t do myself! How can anyone resist not popping a big, white, shiny pimple?? Rather, I’m going to recommend something more achievable.

Following on from skin care, treat individual spots with a good pimple cream. Try 100% Pure Purity Spot Treatment ($39.95) which uses detoxifying essential oils Lavender, Tea Tree and Witch Hazel to kill the acne causing bacteria while nourishing seaweeds and purifying herbs protect against future breakouts.

I also really rate tea tree oil and/or lavender oil dabbed on directly to the spot. Both these oils are anti-bacterial and help dry out the spot overnight. You could buy either from the pharmacy, or you could get ECO. Pimple Clear ($11.95) which is a combination of the two!

4. Scrub it off

Once a week give your skin a good scrub. Exfoliation gets rid of all your old dead skin cells, smooths your skin, helps unblock pores and generally promotes a glowing complexion. It also helps all your other skincare products work better too.

  • KORA Organics Exfoliating Cream ($54.95) is a really luxurious scrub I love. Made with organically grown Oat Flour and Bamboo, it effectively clears your complexion, while essential oils purify and cleanse your skin for a radiant glow.
  • Lavera Purifying Scrub ($27.45) is a natural purifying scrub uses Jojoba pearls to deeply cleanse pores and remove trapped dirt, dead skin cells and other impurities to give your skin the perfect pick me up and a glowing, revitalised complexion.

5. Begin Again and use a Detoxifying Mask

No use denying it, I’m 28 myself, I know what you’re doing in your 20s and it’s not good for you skin. Booze, late nights, partying and leaving your makeup on is no good for your skin.

Once a week I like to use a mask to draw all the crap out from my skin. It cleans out your pores, keeps blackheads at bay and helps clear up pimples. Obviously it’s not a substitute for healthy living, but it’s a good start.

  • MADARA Detox Ultra Purifying Mud Mask ($34.20) is a deeply-purifying and detoxifying mask containing Nordic forest lake mud to purify and tighten pores, leaving skin beautifully fresh, matte and revitalised.
  • Atom Ghassoul Clay Mask ($34) is a 100% natural, deep pore facial cleanser, blackhead remover and pore minimiser with superior healing and anti-ageing qualities. Clay is so good on pimples! If I see one raising it’s ugly head I get straight on with a clay mask. It helps prevent it from surfacing, and if it does make it out, heals them up so much faster.

6. Eyes Open – Experiment with Makeup

This is the age where you can get wild. Try bold, bright lips. Play with eyeshadows and eyeliners till you find what works for you. Find out what colours suit and what don’t. If your 50 and still trying to figure it out you could end up looking like a hot mess.




Source: Daily Mail

Source: Princess Punk

Source: Princess Punk





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