April: What I’m loving right now

My favourite products, places and things each month. This month I’ve got my favourite recipe to share; two make up products including a new foundation I tried and a brilliant illuminator everyone needs; and an essential kitchen gadget you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t already have one.

1. Raw Snickers Bar Slice

raw snickers barYou know when you have a sweet craving where you feel it will only be satisfied for something really naught, like a Snickers bar? I had one of those this month, so I made a raw snickers bar slice. It was everything I hoped for and more.

Chocolately, dense, rich, caramelly, peanuty and ultimately super satisfying.

Fortunately I only had to share it with my boyfriend (who claims he doesn’t like sweets), so I got to nibble on this all month. Yum!

This recipe comes courtesy of the culinary genius that is married to Tara Bliss. See his recipe, via her blog here.

PS May Update: My partner asked me to make it again so he could take it in to work. Seems like even the man-with-no-sweet-tooth has been won over!


2. Eco Minerals Foundation

You all know how much I love mineral foundations, you can check out my previous post about a few of them here. Well I bought another foundation earlier this month, and I’m loving it.

eco minerals foundation

It’s a medium coverage foundation – obviously, like all powder foundations, you can apply less or more to vary the coverage. Whilst this is great, this isn’t what it is in particular I’m loving so much about it. What I’m loving about it is the comments I’m receiving about my glowing complexion. My complexion does not glow alone, it needs help!

Eco Minerals foundation leaves a stunning, subtle glow behind. Not shiny or shimmery, just a super healthy luminous glow. Gorgeous!

You can buy Eco Minerals directly from their website here. I bought their “Pefection Mineral Foundation” in lightest beige.

3. Ere Perez Face Highlighter

Ere Perez Face Highlighter

Versatile Vanilla Highlighter Falling Star

When I was leaving Sydney earlier this month, I popped into the airport pharmacy. What did they have there? An entire Ere Perez stand!!!

This was super exciting for me who normally gets stuck buying make up online (joys of living in a small town), so I got to play with all the products I’ve been lusting after. To cut a long story short, because I bought so much I got a free Face Highlighter. I already had one, but I knew it came in two colours. And two is always better than one.

Illuminators are wonderful at turning flat and dull  into a glowing complexion. Suitable for day and night wear as well.

This one has no sparkle or anything tacky, just a silky smooth, glowing finish. Gorgeous!

I love this product, so two just made my day. I’ll post a guide to using illuminators soon.

You can buy it directly from Ere Perez here for $31.95

ere perez eco minerals

Wearing both Eco Minerals Foundation and Ere Perez Face Highlighter

4. Spiralized Zoodles

What is this, you ask? Zucchini noodles!

Originally a Japanese invention, the spiralizer is a razor-sharp cutting devices that creates thin ribbons of vegetable. The perfect low carb, gluten free, grain free pasta alternative! Ok, now I’m starting to sound like an info commercial. Which is kind of appropriate, as this month’s favourite did come from one!

If you’re not already spiralising your vegetables, I strongly suggest you start!veggetti

I had a Raw Blend 8 in 1 slicer first and it was pretty crap. It was hard to control to get long noodles. But my future sister in-law (no we’re not engaged) bought a Veggetti and got one free, so she gave it to me. And this one rocks!!! veggetti

Pick up a two-for-one deal with the Veggetti here $39.95

The only other one I’ve used is the Spiralizer, which my sister swears by and I agree, it’s also fantastic. It can be bought here for $39.95.


My Veggetti handiwork


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