Fake thicker lashes with eyeliner

Apply eyeliner for thick lashes, using all natural cosmetics. You all know how much I love thick full lashes right? I used to be obsessed with lash extensions (till they destroyed my natural lashes) so now I fake it with makeup. Want to know my secret for making your eyelashes look way thicker than they actually are? This is how I apply eyeliner to fake thicker, plumper lashes.

This look works for day and night because it doesn’t look overly fake. It just enhances what nature has given you. Fake lashes can be a tad obvious for day time wear. And that’s coming from me 😉

Remember how sad my natural lashes look? No thickness at all. Boo.

Sad lashes. Ive even got mascara on!

Sad lashes. I’ve even got mascara on!

A clever application of eyeliner behind the lash line in the same colour as your mascara will extend your lashes.

Step 1: Select your tools

Black is best

Choose a shade similar to your mascara. This hides where your lashes start – making them look longer than they are and an optical illusion of thicker lashes. Black works best for the effect (if your mascara is black), but shades of dark brown, gray or deep plum will also be effective. 

Eyeliner can create many different looks. This technique is specifically for creating the illusion of thicker, longer lashes. For this purpose we use black eyeliner, or a colour similar to your mascara. Coloured eyeliners will bring out and enhance your natural eye colour, making your eyes more prominent and more brightly coloured. Both techniques have different fantastic results, but this is all about enhancing your lashes.

If you want to wear a coloured eyeliner but still want a similar result, try layering your eyeliners. Draw a really thick coloured line on your top lash line, then draw a thinner black line over the top, right along the lash line. So it goes: lashes, black line, coloured line. It might be easier to use a black liquid liner so two pencils don’t blend.

Pencil or liquid?

The type of eyeliner you use is up to you. Pencils are easier to control and correct so they’re best for beginners. Liquid liner can do much more precise lines, but they’re not novice friendly! They dry faster and it’s harder to remove. Because we want a thicker line pencils will work well.

I’m using a liquid liner from Eye of Horus. It’s not 100% natural as it does contain a preservative, but it is pretty darn close and works brilliantly. It’s got a lovely, precise tip so it’s easy to get right up close in between each lash. Plus it lasts all day and won’t budge.

Great pencils you may like to consider include Zuii Organic Eyeliner and Lavera Organic Eyeliner.

Step 2: Thick lashes need a thick eyeliner

Draw a line as close to the lash line as possible. Some people prefer to dot along the lash line, then join the dots. Others can do it in one stroke. How you apply doesn’t matter – just do what you feel most comfortable with. If you don’t have a steady hand, bend down or sit down so you can place your elbow on a table or counter for balance and control.thicker lashes with eyelinerTo start, keep the line as thin as possible. Build the thickness gradually so you can keep an eye on how it’s looking. It’s far easier to add then remove! We’re aiming for a thick line here, but work with your eye size to determine how thick you should go. If you have a big eyelid area you can wear a thicker line, smaller lids will need a thinner line.thick eyeliner
Some people like to outline where they’re applying the eyeliner first, then filling the outline in. Personally I think this is far too risky. What if you draw your outline unevenly or make a mistake? It’s so much easier to add a little each stroke! thicker lashes with eyelinerOn the outer corner of your eye the eyeliner should turn up ever-so-slightly. Follow the natural curve of your eye. This makes your eyes look wider and will follow your natural lashes when your eyes are open, further adding to the illusion that your lashes are bigger than they are.eyeliner flick.Bottom lash line: Line only the outer two-thirds of the eye. Because we have such a thick top lash line, too much on the bottom will look far too intense. Lining the bottom lash line won’t work for everyone. I’ve got smaller eyes so it will just close them up more. Small eyes should just stick with a coat of mascara.

Step 3: Apply a generous application of mascara for a false lash effect

I’ve chosen my favourite mascara for this purpose, 100% Pure Black Tea Mascara. Don’t skimp with the mascara, pump up those lashes! One coat isn’t going to cut it, try three or four. IMG_0959.JPG

Want more great, all natural mascara options? I love Lavera Volumising Mascara.


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