Hi all,

I’m Abi and welcome to Untapped Life. “Untapped” refers to the unused potential we all have.

I have a serious makeup addiction. It all started when I was just a young, impressionable kid and found my older sisters makeup stash. A splash of bright red lipstick plastered in the vicinity of my mouth and I was hooked.

As a teenager, it became a mask to hid my insecurities and acne. I experimented with all sorts of different products and colours to find what made me feel beautiful. When I got older I it shifted from masking insecurities to highlighting the things I loved.

Makeup doesn’t hide who we are on the surface, it highlights it. Makeup can be an incredibly powerful tool. Used correctly, it can build up a woman’s confidence and allow her to see herself the way that those who love her see her.

But not all makeup is created equal. What we put on our skin our body absorbs. Rather than load our precious and unique bodies with a toxic cocktail of chemicals, nature has provided us with an abundance of safe alternatives.

Thanks to this love-affair with cosmetics I’ve trialed quite a few in my time. Rather than let all this experience go to waste I’m sharing it with you. Also, it means I can justify my spending as research!

I give honest reviews of all the natural and organic products I use and love. I want to make natural skincare and makeup a realistic and viable option to everyone.

I believe true beauty comes from the inside. If you’re healthy on the inside it shows on the outside. All the face scrubs and lotions aren’t going to make you shine if you’re a mess on the inside!

In addition to prepping your external appearance, your mind, body & spirit also need to be cared for. I also provide guides and information that are reliable and easy to follow, to have you feeling and looking your best. All tried & tested on yours truly.

To live your best life, you need to feel your best. This blog is dedicated to you, and your untapped life.


I want to hear your feedback, what are you interested in or what do you want to know more about? If you would like to contact me drop me an email at abi@untappedlife.com.au.