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Is Your Gut ‘Leaky’? Autoimmune Disease and What It Means For You

Autoimmune diseases are diseases doctors like to call incurable. Basically, if you’ve got it you’ve got it for life. You can take immune suppressants every day, but if you stop it will all come back. But recently there’s been a new school of thought that believes they are caused by a “leaky gut” and can be managed through food.

leaky gut

Top 10 Health Foods

Our body’s are the physical houses for our soul (or spirit, inner self, consciousness or whatever term you prefer). What we eat can either provide us with the fuel to live our lives to the fullest, or it can drain us and deplete our body of nutrients. Nourish your body daily with the healthiest foods available. Here’s my favourite, high nutrient, readily available top 10 super foods for healing your body and keeping you healthy. These are just some of my top 10 healthiest foods for your body (inside and out!): 1. Green Vegetables This is a dietary essential. Leafy greens […]

Autoimmune Protocol


Ethical Coffee Company

I love coffee. I’ve tried to give it up. I know caffeine’s not great for you; your liver doesn’t like it; blah blah blah. But every time I just find myself longing for that warming, sweet yet bitter nectar. I don’t believe in doing anything in extremes, you just find yourself resenting what you’re missing and giving up. I still limit myself to one or two cups a day, but I’ve accepted my coffee habit and decided if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it guilt free. When I moved in with my partner he brought with […]

Raw Vegan Taco Salad – Paleo fiendly

My favourite cafe was all out of its usual raw vegan taco salad on Sunday, which left me with a severe craving. Rather than miss out entirely, I decided to make my own. I love raw foods and try to incorporate raw meals into my diet as much as I can. As delicious as meat is, sometimes you need to give your digestion a break. Raw vegan foods like this are great for that purpose, all the while complying with paleo principles. This is a super easy and tasty place to start if you’re new to the idea. I originally […]

raw taco salad

Olive & Thyme Muffins

    Olive and Thyme Muffins – Gluten free, dairy free and paleo friendly. The only thing not missing is flavour! Baking is my thing. I might not have any other domestic skills (just ask my boyfriend) but oh can I bake. When I found out I was gluten-intolerant I was pretty devastated to give up my baked treats. Anyone who’s ever used gluten-free flour can attest to it just not being the same. I refused to resign myself to a life of muffin-less misery and stepped into the world of paleo cooking.

Welcome to my world

In a wave of inspiration, or possibly madness, I’ve followed my intuition and it’s led me here. My Life Untapped is dedicated to exploring all life has to offer. “Untapped” refers to something that has not yet been used. Our present place in life is a reflection of our past; our past decisions and actions have brought us to where we are, in this moment. Where we go from here though has not yet been defined; it’s untapped. We choose the direction we want to go from here. After 27 years I’ve barely scraped the surface of what life has to […]