10 Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Please Everyone

I’ve been smashing through my Christmas shopping this year and feeling quite proud of myself. As a bonus, all this online shopping has led me to discover some pretty awesome gift ideas that I hope you will find helpful.

I’ve put together my list based on things I would like to receive, i.e. non toxic, beautiful and practical. The product life and overall sustainability is also high on my priorities.

1. Give a gift that keeps on giving

Oil Burner

Everyone loves an oil burner – they infuse your home with your choice of natural scents (I’m loving jasmine and ylang ylang blends).  What makes tCASA UNO oil burnerhe Casa Uno Oil wooden bamboo oil burner extra special is because 100% of proceeds from purchasing this, are used to provide all sorts of work and learning opportunities for people of all abilities and diverse backgrounds.

It comes in white or black, making it perfect for any home, at $25.99.


The purchase of one of these elegant bangles helps those affected by family violence. McAuley Community Services for Women provides much needed services for women and their children who are escaping family violence, and for women who are homeless. They offer welcoming crisis and longer term accommodation, vital employment services, social and recreational support and children’s services. Each year they help around 600 women and children to rebuild their lives, supporting them on their journey towards independence and safer futures.

sterling-silver-i-care-bracelet-2rqMade of sterling silver and engraved with the wording “I CARE”. Available in Silver ($65) & Rose Gold ($95)

Actually, if you like gifts that give back, check out Good Spender. It’s a brilliant philanthropic website packed full of awesome gifts.

2. Makeup – duh, would you expect less from me?

Rather than try match your recipients skin tone to a shade of foundation, stick to multi-packs of lipsticks or eyeshadows. These are my top picks:

Eyeshadow palates

I am frothing over the Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye Palette and am positive anyone would love it just as much as me. It’s a beautiful mineral makeup palette containing wearable, neutral shades for every skin tone, perfect for creating a natural daytime look with darker shades for added drama. Its all sleekly tucked inside a slimline compact with a mirror and double ended applicator. There are eight gorgeous shades in total. How can you go wrong? It’s $44.

 Lip Stick Packs

INIKA Lip Tint Trio is a great value set of INIKA’s gorgeous, nourishing, certified organic lip tints. It contains 2 very wearable, coloured tints and 1 balm and just $49.

Luk Lip Nourish Set of Five Gift Box for $99.95. Luk Lip Nourish are made from skin-healthy foods such as avocado oil, sesame seed oils, cocoa butter and ‘flavoured’ with cold pressed citrus oils not synthetic flavours and fragrances. I have two Luk Lip Nourishes and love them both. They’re lip tints which makes the colours suitable for everyone.

3. The Goodnight Co. Silk Pillowcase

You’re probably thinking I’m nuts to suggest a pillow case, but trust me on this one. This is not your ordinary pillow case! This ultra luxe gift for your most glamorous friend will elevate their beauty regime to the next level. The benefits of sleeping on 22 Momme silk pillowcases are wonderful.

You will get the most restful sleep of your life, with the body-temperature regulating fabric, which is naturally hypoallergenic. The smooth surface helps to reduce friction and moisture loss, so you can sleep safe in the knowledge that your hair wont tangle or frizz in the night, and your skin wont lose much needed hydration. You will be happy to look in the mirror in the morning, safe in the knowledge that our skin will look plump and youthful, and your hair will be smooth and soft.

For $69.95, you get a perfect pillow case, available in 3 gorgeous colours: charcoal, natural and pink.

4. Perfume, of course!

LavanilaPerfume is THE ultimate gift. Many years ago I worked at a perfume shop and Christmas was hands down the crasiest time for us in store. The place was packed! Everyone loves receiving perfume as it’s the ultimate luxury product (it is totally useless).

My clean recommendations? Try a frangrance from LAVANILA. The company delivers a new generation of healthy, luxurious fragrance and body care products. Rich in natural and organic ingredients, all products are free from harsh chemicals and clinically proven to be effective, safe, and nourishing.

They smell divine on their vanilla base, it’s hard not to find a fragrance your recipient will love. I’ve tried Vanilla Grapefruit and it is amazing. If you’re looking for a gift for me, feel free to get me a bottle of something. A 30ml bottle is $59.95 from Beautiful Because. Can’t decide on a scent? Try the 5 pack Mini-Roller Ball Collection for $49.95.

5. Clean Beauty Starter Packs

Know someone who’s starting out on the clean beauty lifestyle? Or someone who travels a lot? They will appreciate a kit that has it all.

For the Clean Newby

Try the Beautiful Because Be Natural Starter Set. It’s the perfect introductory pack for those looking to start using natural beauty, featuring some of the company’s most popular products for every day care; suited all skin types and ages. Treat yourself or a loved one to healthy, non-toxic products! It’s $125 but it includes a tonne of stuff: The Jojoba Company 100% Jojoba Oil  (100ml)Ecocare Organic Apple & Honey Facial Cleansing Wipes, Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste (the greatest deodorant ever), La Mav BB Creme, Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil Mascara and MUKTI Lip Butter.

For the friend that’s ALWAYS on holidays

Black Chicken Remedies Travel Skin Care Starter Pack contains everything you need when you are on the go. This pack is perfect and comes in a handy mesh bag. It will ensure you arrive at your destination looking revived, feeling great and smelling fabulous. Or if you love Black Chicken Remedies why not gift this set to a friend to share the love. It contains face wash, body oil, face serum, all purpose balm, my favourite deodorant paste & an exfoliator. At $54.95, its the perfect unisex present.

For the Tanorexic

If you need to ask what that is, you don’t get it.

Eco Tan Christmas Glow Pack contains Invisible Tan, Face Tan Water and an Extreme Exfoliant Glove, beautifully presented in a blue-trimmed, canvas bag – all that’s needed for a gorgeous, natural glow! Give someone special the gift of a healthy tan this Christmas, or why not become a tanorexic yourself. Just $64.90

6. For the fashionista

Steer clear of plastic fabrics (i.e. polyester) and buy breathable, natural fibre clothing. Your body and the earth will thank you for it.indecisive nari top

The Nari Top, from Indecisive, is made from 100% Organic Bamboo. The Nari top is smooth, structured and just chilling at the back. Also a massive yay for being completely biodegradable, awesome for the planet and what not. It’s $89 and sweat-shop free.  Available in white (pictured), sky blue and black.

Pajamas are also another easy win in the gift department. I mean, no one ever said they don’t need them right? Try the ALAS Interlude Teddy, made from 100% GOTS organic cotton woven sateen, the ALAS signature teddy is a favourite for summer, with a comfortable elastic waist, adjustable straps and back opening with single small button. $89.95

7. Candles

Cult classic really, Candle is the ultimate everybody gift. Perfect for Kris Kringle’s or a gift lucky dip. Even makes a good gift for a friend or in-law!

But don’t buy just a standard candle, get a 100% pure beeswax candle. The candles offer a warm honey & floral aromatic glow that filters the air through a process of ionisation. These negative ions are released within a candles flame purifying airborne dust, pollens, viruses, bacteria, odor, pollutants, allergens & electromagnetic radiation. Try this Pure Beeswax Christmas Candle Gift Set which includes a pack of 3 for $59.95

Or for something a little more fragrant (without the chemicals), try these 100% naturally scented Vegan Soy candles. They’re GMO free soy and completely free from paraffin and any synthetic fragrances. From $24.95, they come in a variety of gorgeous, soothing scents like Love and Calm.

8. Recipe Books

Perfect for your favourite foodie, help them on their path to wellness with delicious food by some of these great authors:

  • Sarah Wilson, with I Quit Sugar. This book is quickly earning cult status, $34.95. She’s also got a new book out, following on this theme but with a focus on eliminating food waste, I Quit Sugar: Simplicious for $39.95
  • Pete Evans, everyone’s favourite paleo chef, has released Fast Food for Busy Families for $39.95. Perfect for your friend with kids.
  • Got a friend who’s always on the go? They’ll love Superfood Smoothies, by Julie Morris, to help them make super fast, delicious nourishing smoothies. A whole meal that can be prepared and smashed down in a matter of minutes? Perfect for even the most time poor person. $24.95

9. For teenagers

Now I can’t pretend I’m down with the teens anymore (I’m like, a whole decade too old to call myself a teen), but I do know what I would have loved to receive as a teenager (minus the sneaky 6 pack of Bacardi Breezer’s)

butter londonMiranda Kerr‘s gorgeous book, Treasure Yourself, is perfect for teenage girls or anyone who could use a little self love. Just $24.95

Teenagers love nail polish (in many cases, like mine, they continue to love them well into their adult lives). Don’t let them pollute their growing body’s and instead give them what they want, but make it as clean as you can. Butter London makes nail polishes that are available in so many awesome colours, like Disco Biscuit, a hot pink with little bits of glitter, but not too much ($22). Or better yet, get them the Butter London Coveted Classics Patent Shine Set. This is the ultimate nail polish collection featuring seven of the gorgeous Butter London 7-Free Patent Shine shades ($79.95).

An AquaFarm! I just discovered these and they’re super cool. The AquaFarm is an innovative self-cleaning fish tank that grows food! The natural waste produced by the fish is pumped up to the plants, and broken down into nutrients the plants need to grow. The clean water then cycles back down to the fish tank, creating a sustainable tabletop ecosystem.

So yes, it is educational so parents will approve; but it’s also amazing, looks super cool and perfect for just about anyone. Perfect for a unique green gift, it includes everything you need to get started. $64.95aqua farm

10. For the man in your life

Sanctum Men’s No Fuss Grooming Pack

This Sanctum pack is the perfect Christmas gift for your man and his daily grooming needs!

This pack includes: Sanctum Face & Body Scrub, Sanctum Men’s Face Moisturiser and Sanctum Men’s Facial Wash. A great starter pack for your low maintenance man. Valued at $43.85, this Christmas pack is only $32.95!

Ok, men’s presents are really hard. My boyfriend doesn’t even like presents, he’s all about ‘experiences’. So rather than buy your man love a ‘thing’ (and something he probably doesn’t need/want) why not try the ‘experience’ line. Book a weekend away somewhere nice for the two of you; or get him tickets to something lame he likes, like a rugby game; or even plane tickets to a destination you have both been dreaming about.

It’s guaranteed to be a present he’ll use and, more than likely, love. Zero waste and it creates quality together time. An experience gift really is the ultimate. That being said, I still expect him to get me a ‘thing’!

Got any tips for me? Share below. 

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